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blog cover photo jumbo floor puzzle My body for toddlers

All about bodies

At Banana Panda, we know all about the joy of discovery! We serve up age-appropriate knowledge within books, games and puzzles that inspire great fun because we know that this is the most effective and pleasant way to learn. Today, we want to present a topic that is both important to and fascinating for children: the structure and functioning of the human body.

Everybody can learn

The human body is a fascinating topic that interests even the youngest children. It also has, often undeservedly, a reputation for being extremely complicated and too difficult for school-aged children. Fortunately, we know how to show toddlers, preschoolers and students that the human body is amazing! Moreover, by presenting this knowledge in an inspiring and age-appropriate way, all the important facts and difficult names are neither hard to remember nor understand. Explore these educational toys that explain body structure and allow you to discover the secrets of the human body step by step. Anatomy lessons for kids have never been this much fun!

Learning your part(s)

How is the body built and how does it work? What are the different organs for? Showing and naming your own body parts is the first step to answering these questions. One of the picture books from the Little Explorers Library for ages 1+ features different parts of the body such as the arm, leg, head, eyes, nose … After all, these are things that little explorers use every day. Suuuper Size Puzzles My Body is a fantastic educational set for pre-schoolers with 6 huge puzzles that allow children to tackle more complex topics, organs and internal systems in an appealing way. The charming and simple illustrations show the human body from the inside as well as differences between boys and girls. Adults also appreciate the poster full of interesting facts and information that helps parents and caregivers to answer the questions children ask in a simple and understandable way.

The student body

How can you support a student in learning biology, especially anatomy? At Banana Panda, we know how to transmit school knowledge in a way that fosters engagement and curiosity to learn more. After all, learning is fun and knowledge is power! Explore puzzles and games that teach about body parts and how they all work together. Observation Puzzle My Body is a large jigsaw puzzle full of fun details about the most important systems, including the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems and various related concepts. It also introduces various concepts in biology in a humorous way, e.g. explaining what bacteria, viruses and parasites are, how various animal cells are built and what the most important organs look like. The puzzle comes with a poster full of additional information and various interesting facts about the body that help your child learn systematically and inspire further exploration of this fascinating topic.

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