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The right sort of shape

Our unique educational Banana Panda puzzles provide both top-notch sorting and comprehensive development activities, allowing your toddler, with your help, to discover the world in a fascinating way. Playing with puzzles is about more than just putting the pieces together. The right topics expand on children’s interests and teach them new things about the world, […]

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Game ideas - Suuuper Size Puzzle Alphabet - Letter learning for preschool children

Letter learning for preschool children

What can preschoolers do? A lot! They know many words, communicate more and more efficiently and are becoming more independent every day. They ask endless questions and are interested in the world around them. Their curiosity also extends to letters and reading; children are eager to try to write their own names. Take advantage of […]

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Games and ideas for a rainy day

Games to weather any storm

Given what often happens outside the window in autumn, we have no choice but to move at least some of our games from the backyard to the house. Fortunately, rainy days with Banana Panda are never boring. We have ideas for great fun no matter what the weather. We’d love to share them with you […]

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Engaging toys for older children

What do preschoolers, particularly those who will soon start school, enjoy? Children have their own interests, many shared by and acquired from peers who they listen to and imitate. Fortunately, as parents and guardians, you can still give them ideas for various activities that will stimulate learning and developing new skills in an atmosphere of […]

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Movement games for children … with puzzles

Make a move: puzzle and memory games can be used to create a variety of developmental activities that train not only perceptiveness, manual and mental skills, but also … your child’s overall physical fitness. Here are some ideas for interesting movement games for children at home and outdoors. Use our tips and get moving together […]

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Toys for baby’s first year

The first year of a child’s life is unique in terms of the pace of development and acquisition of new skills. Big changes are taking place every day, even though you may not see them without looking at pictures taken over the course of those first precious months. As your child grows, they develop and […]

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Making sense of play

Sensory toys support a child’s development in many areas because they stimulate a variety of senses, especially in very young children. Go beyond toys that make noise or have different textures! Our suggestions for developing the senses through play are adapted to age and, most importantly, guarantee incredible fun. Sensory toys for babies When it […]

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Creative space for your preschooler

We’ve taken a look at the rooms and play areas of other preschoolers to see what they like and what four-year-olds are playing with. We’ve asked their parents for tips and ideas for crafting a creative space that allows children to play, learn and rest. How to equip a preschooler’s room How can I make […]

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Educational games for kids to combine play and learning!

A wide range of board games, card games, bingo games, memory games and tons of other games for kids have one common denominator: they give you valuable opportunities to spend quality time together, foster the bond between parents and children, and help everyone to learn new things in an atmosphere of fun. Find your favorite […]

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