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Send your child into outer space!

Some time ago, it was reported that a teenage intern from NASA had helped to discover a new planet. Hearing about someone who was able to make such a spectacular discovery at such a young age, it makes you wonder what made him interested in learning about the universe in the first place. Maybe his […]

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Fun with fine motor skills

What are motor skills? This broad term refers to general mobility and any activity that requires physical movement. Large motor skills are related to the movement of the body in space: standing, walking, running, bending down, etc. Fine motor skills are related to grasping and manipulating objects. In other words, it refers to the dexterity […]

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Fun animal facts for children

The world is full of wonders and we all are researchers at heart! Discover and learn more about fascinating animals from every continent. Test your knowledge or discover new facts about animals. Are you ready for an amazing journey? Mammals from various continents The bison lives in both North America and Europe. American bison calves, […]

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Unique backyard and outdoor toys

Who else loves to play outside like we do? Now is definitely the time to do it, when the days are long, the sun is shining and, above all, we have more free time. Every family has their favorite repertoire of backyard games and best outdoor toys. What do you like to play? Let’s inspire […]

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Toys for fun under the sun

Summer is here! What do you associate with summer vacation? Sun, sea, mountains, forests and lakes? An idyllic village or visiting other cities? Sleeping in until noon or active rest? Our common denominator for activities in July and August is carefree fun and spending time with loved ones. We know how to make summer a […]

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Family vacations

Long live the season of summer, sun and vacation fun! Before you dive into summer and visit some fascinating places, assemble our Map of the World Puzzle! This is great inspiration for planning your vacation. And before you leave, make sure you’re fully prepared for the trip. Every parent who has spent a few hours […]

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An educational and creative present for a 2-year-old

What can a 2-year-old do? A whirlwind of energy, fast as a lightning strike and everywhere all at once! We all know that there is no such thing as boredom with small children. On the contrary, there are endless opportunities for fun! Your child is increasingly indepedent and physically coordinated: he or she enjoys games […]

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Recipe for fun - blog featured image

Banana Panda’s recipe for good fun

Do what you enjoy most! That’s our number one rule. You’ll see what is most fun for your child, so just … do more of it. Read, play games or assemble the puzzles together and let the colorful illustrations inspire you to draw or find out more about each animal. For extra fun, get siblings […]

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We make discovery fun for everyone!

Does your child dream of becoming a naturalist or an explorer? Whatever your child wants to be, it’s always fun to learn about all the creatures that crawl through the grass, flit through the trees, live in the mountains and swim through the seas! Thankfully, discovering the world can begin on the floor of your […]

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High Contrast Flash Cards on a ring for newborns

The importance of playtime with your newborn baby

Do you know how an infant sees? An infant perceives the world as if through steamed glass and in shades of grey because the only colors they can see are black and white. An infant’s field of vision is much narrower than that of an adult, much like a keyhole. This protects the child’s brain […]

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