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Educational toys for dinosaur fans

Grrr, roar! Children love dinosaurs! And rightly so! This exceptionally rich subject and the diversity of prehistoric reptiles can inspire hours of educational fun. Explore Banana Panda’s growing collection of educational toys featuring dinosaurs and get rrready for fun!

Dinosaur puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers

Observation Puzzle Dinosaurs is a must-have product and the perfect gift for every dinosaur lover. This enormous 60-piece puzzle features both familiar and less well-known prehistoric reptiles. The illustrations are colorful and full of fascinating details. One game idea even involves searching for the details depicted in the frame within the puzzle. And that’s not all! This set also includes a large-format poster full of interesting facts about dinosaurs.

Hands at Play Dinosaurs, in turn, is the perfect idea for children who are learning to assemble increasingly challenging puzzles. Let these large reptiles inspire you! The box set contains 4 puzzles, each with a different number of pieces.

Dinosaurs puzzle with poster - Observation Puzzle Dinosaurs

Dino dominoes for endless ways to play

We love playing games and having fun as a family, not to mention dinosaurs, so the Banana Panda – Let’s Play Dino Dominoes checks all of our boxes! These charming, colorful reptiles delight and encourage dinosaur fans to play and there are so many ways to have fun! In addition to classic or picture dominoes, (yes, that’s right, the pieces are double-sided!), we have plenty of ideas for other activities that you can easily adapt to your child’s age and interests, e.g. make long puzzle “snakes” by connecting all the pieces one after another while developing perception and good reflexes. Create unusual combinations by choosing dinosaur halves that don’t match or draw your own. This is the best way to hone your child’s creativity and manual skills. Name the dinosaurs! Find other books and films about these large reptiles – these are fun ways to develop your child’s interests and knowledge. Let’s play!

Coloring and riddles with dinosaurs

Fun with crayons is the perfect complement to puzzles and will allow your child to push the boundaries of their creativity. Looong Coloring Books Dinosaurs is a very handy, almost one-yard-long book with logical puzzles for preschoolers and panoramic pictures for coloring. The illustrations are visually appealing and full of entertaining details that lead to endless creative fun. So, let’s get coloring! Every pre-schooler’s collection should also include a comprehensive, fascinating and fun-filled riddle book from the Peek-a-boo Riddles collection. As you might have guessed, dinosaurs are also one of the featured topics in this series!

Banana Panda knows the joy of discovery. Join us for a roaring good time!

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