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Family vacations

Long live the season of summer, sun and vacation fun! Before you dive into summer and visit some fascinating places, assemble our Map of the World Puzzle! This is great inspiration for planning your vacation. And before you leave, make sure you’re fully prepared for the trip. Every parent who has spent a few hours in the car or plane with a child at least once probably knows what a challenge it is. Prepare some healthy snacks, your favorite soft toy and… See below which toys for children on the go have been tested by seasoned travelers!

Banana Panda toys – on the road to your new summer adventure

Did you know that the idea for Banana Panda Riddles originated from a family vacation? We know firsthand what toys to choose when traveling by car, plane or on a hiking trip. What works best instead of tablets and phones? What games and activities bring children and adults together? Our handy books, games and puzzles fit easily in a car door, glove box or child’s backpack. Invite your child to help you pack by choosing his favorite items himself. Each box is full of ideas for inspiring and engaging activities.

Travel toys for 2-year-olds and older children

What’s the best way to keep a two-year-old busy in the car? First riddle books are a great choice for travel fun. Your toddler can enjoy them alone or with you. Read riddles and invent your own stories inspired by the illustrations. The Peek-a-boo Riddles collection also includes books for older kids and the difficulty level of the questions increases with age.

Jigsaw puzzles are perfect traveling toys for 2-year-olds and preschoolers. Our puzzles come in handy boxes and offer a wide variety of topics and piece counts, so you can choose the best sets for your child. These puzzles are easy to assemble on a small flat surface in the car, and are convenient enough to travel with you everywhere. For older children we recommend creative activity cards with a dry-erase marker. The small size of the cards and the ability to draw and erase multiple times provides hours of fun. Just choose your favorite subject: animals, vehicles, letters or numbers.

Travel toys for one-year-olds

It is difficult to explain to a toddler why she cannot get out of her seat or when you will reach your destination. Fun is the only way to pass the time! See Banana Panda toys for traveling with a one-year-old such as, for example, a collection of first puzzles in handy sizes, including On-the-Go Puzzles Discovering Circles and On-the-Go Puzzle Halves – Faces. Also check out our first riddle books, which work well as picture books. The Sounds All Around collection, on the other hand, consists of handy cards on a practical ring that can be used in many ways. You can hang them in front of your child, focus on single pages or entertain your toddler by making funny noises. The Sounds All Around Vehicles and Animals flash cards are perfect for on-the-go fun.

Go Baby go

Maybe your baby will sleep the whole way? Or … maybe not? For babies on the move we recommend flash cards on a ring. We offer a selection of contrast cards for younger babies and Sounds All Around collections for children closer to one year old. They are also perfect for a walk – you can hang the book or individual cards in a stroller for the beach or at a picnic.

We’re on this adventure together!

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