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Fun fall ideas for children

Autumn is here! As the days grow shorter and colder, and play moves slowly but surely back indoors, it’s time to fall into a new routine and activities that are more adapted to the calm of home (though you might agree with us that life with children is rarely anything but calm). We have some kid tested ideas for autumn games with children, both at home and outdoors.

A season of fun

Some games are unique to autumn:

  • Jumping and rolling around in, as well as throwing leaves. This is pure fun for children. Parents and other adults should also join in! Collect maple helicopters in a bucket, toss them in the air and watch them spin.
  • Gather chestnuts, acorns, rowanberries and colorful leaves. Every walk you take you can return home with a bag full of autumn treasures!
  • Creative games with the autumn harvest: use chestnuts and acorns to build people, as well as all kinds of animals, buildings and whatever you can think of (you can connect them with playdoh), use rowanberries as beads (have a competition for the longest string!), or dry leaves and use them to create different types of artwork. Let your imagination run wild!

Outdoor games in the fall

Don’t put away your balls, sand toys and other favorite sports equipment – there are plenty of sunny days still ahead. Enjoy each of them to the fullest! Ride bicycles, play ball games and go hiking. Autumn is a great time for walking, both closer to home and farther afield, in the mountains, on the beach or in your own town. There are colorful landscapes to discover everywhere! Make sure to layer up with warmer clothes, and pack a thermos with a hot drink in your backpack to continue enjoying picnics and other outdoor fun. If you have warm and waterproof clothes, you can even play in the rain. Jumping in puddles is something children of all ages love to do. How about a memory game in a clearing with a view of lofty mountain peaks, or a picnic featuring games and riddles after a day on the playground in your favorite park?

Getting creative at home

Fun starts at home! Long autumn afternoons and evenings are a great opportunity to spend time together. Read books together. Autumn colors, landscapes, mushrooms, forest animals – all the things we traditionally associate with autumn are great inspiration for creative pursuits. Draw, use glue to create pictures and collages or shape playdoh. All you need is a dedicated work space and free time to exercise your creativity. The season for pumpkins, apples, plums and pears is also a great time to get your child involved in cooking. Bake an apple pie or make pumpkin soup!

Perfect puzzles and activities for fall evenings

Our list features many autumn games and puzzles. These include not only autumn-themed puzzles, but other activities that foster shared play and lots of conversation. Our favorite fall educational games for kids and the whole family are, of course, memory games, dominoes and bingo. Each of them not only teaches but also entertains in many ways that you can easily adapt to your child’s developing skills. In turn, all our large-format and multi-element puzzles make fantastic family puzzles. Get ready for a harvest of fun!

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