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Gifts for four-year-olds

For all occasions or for no occasion at all – we have suggestions for the coolest educational gifts for four-year-olds. Our fun ideas guarantee learning as well as lots of fun and laughter. Let the fun begin!

What do preschoolers like to play?

Preschoolers are curious about the world and constantly expanding their knowledge (does your child ask a steady stream of “why, how, what for?” questions? That’s great! This search for answers helps them learn about the world). Children at this age already have hobbies and interests. Develop them by having fun together!

  • Continue your child’s artistic adventure! Draw, make shapes out of playdoh, clay and other moldable materials, paint, and use chalk to decorate sidewalks. These are great ways to express emotions, develop creativity and improve motor skills, perceptiveness and patience.
  • Is your child eager to count, read and write? Excellent! Play in a way that deepens these interests without turning them into an obligation and showing that this kind of learning can be great fun. Enjoy learning letters and numbers, draw lines and try to write. If your child is ready, they can begin their own reading adventures!
  • Play different games together! These kinds of activities work well at home and preschool, helping your child to improve their social skills.
  • Preschoolers know exactly what they like and have well-defined interests. Explore them and look for new topics provided by a wide variety of educational toys.
  • This is a great time to play with increasingly difficult puzzles.

Play to their interests

We have nice gift ideas for every curious preschooler, whether for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. See the Banana Panda guide to smart toys for preschoolers, which, most importantly, have been also been kid tested:

  • Observation puzzles are great activities for older kids and perfect educational gifts for four-year-olds. These puzzles come with frames full of details to find in the detailed and colorful pictures. Which theme will your child choose? Dinosaurs or Space with 60 pieces or the 40-piece Garden or Forest sets? All of these sets deliver endless educational fun!
  • In turn, creative puzzles, such as Mix & Match Robot Lab or Mix and Match Trains, can be assembled however you like! These products help to foster imagination and an interest in technology.
  • Let’s count, learn letters and start reading! Suuuper Size Puzzle Alphabet Match and Make-a-Match Puzzle Number Train grow along with children and are still engaging for older preschoolers.
  • Play together! Dominoes, Suuuper Size Memory Game or Bingo – though younger children can play, these activities take on new meaning in the hands of older children. They are perfect as family games or for a group of preschoolers.
  • Use your finger on the puzzle map to take little learners on an educational journey of discovery.

Gifts under $15

Have you seen our suggestions for sugar-free gifts? Or a small gift for Christmas, a preschool graduation or another special occasion – or for no reason at all? We have a variety of puzzles, games and riddles for you to choose from:

Have fun! Do whatever you and your child enjoy most, without a screen or mobile phone. This is a great opportunity to hone already acquired skills and expand and deepen your child’s interests and knowledge.

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