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Making sense of play

Sensory toys support a child’s development in many areas because they stimulate a variety of senses, especially in very young children. Go beyond toys that make noise or have different textures! Our suggestions for developing the senses through play are adapted to age and, most importantly, guarantee incredible fun.

Sensory toys for babies

When it comes to child development, it is never too early to discover the world together! You can support your baby’s comprehensive growth from the very first days of life through physical contact and affection, and calm verbal communication. Use specially designed sensory toys for babies such as contrast cards and books.

These simple black and white patterns provide perfect stimulation for baby’s eyesight, encourage baby to raise his head and inspire parents to tell stories and be physically present. Books for children aged 6 or 8 months already contain more colors and details, and around the age of one a toddler can see almost as well as an adult. Learn about our educational sets: High Contrast Baby Pack and the Little Explorers Library.

Touch and see

Seeing is one thing, but a child’s brain is still learning to interpret what it perceives. What’s more, hand-eye coordination is extremely important, i.e. the ability to use sight effectively during an entire range of activities. Puzzles and toys that involve assembly are a great way to develop these skills.

Toddlers can start their sensory adventures with mix-and-match puzzles. Let your child trace the outline of the holes with a finger, point at or trace the pictures featured in puzzles or books, as well as find and touch objects with different textures.
Support these developing abilities: over time, exercises like this will train your child to better manipulate objects and find the right pieces, enabling them to tackle more complex puzzles and illustrations. The Observation Puzzles series features increasingly complex educational puzzles with frames full of specific details to find within the assembled picture. Playing stimulates eyesight and mindfulness, alongside concentration and patience.

Speak and listen

Your baby loves to hear your voice – no toy can communicate with your child as effectively! That is why it is so important to talk to your child as much as possible, discussing and naming everything that inhabits the world around them. This is how children learn about the world and acquire new words.

Play with your little ones by making funny sounds (this is the first step in learning to speak). Animals and vehicles are popular themes and inspiration for this type of play. Books from the Sounds All Around flash cards series, as well as Match the Baby or Match the Buddies puzzle boards or the educational Suuuper Size Memory Game are all great choices here.

Many educational Banana Panda sets for toddlers come with guides full of stimulating game ideas: pretending to be animals, speaking softly or loudly, depending on which animal is indicated, finding details in assembled puzzles, and naming colors, objects and figures. By arranging more complicated puzzles, older children learn more and increasingly difficult words. Play and learn!

Smell and taste

We’re all about finding creative approaches to our products. We emphasize at every step that assembling puzzles or playing classic memory games are just a few of the endless possibilities for fun provided by our educational sets. Let your imagination run wild – some ideas may not seem completely obvious at first glance!

Banana Panda toys are made of certified and safe materials, but are not recommended for eating (we know that toddlers tend to “taste” everything, so our packaging recommends that play takes place under the watchful eye of a parent or guardian).

Instead, we propose a series of developmental games to learn more about fruits, vegetables and other delicacies, including their shapes, flavors and smells. Use the picture hints to explore your kitchen or local market to discover these delicacies first hand. Let your child help out with cooking. Check out the Make-a-Match Puzzle Food Truck.

Balance in motion

Large puzzles support not only fine, but also large motor skills. Their assembly requires walking and bending down, and various games even require your toddler to move and exercise. Similarly, playing the Suuuper Size Memory Game is not only about improving memory and perceptiveness. A wealth of ideas for fun activities can be found in the guides that come with our educational sets. You can run between and/or collect the pieces, lay them out to create an obstacle course, or even use them for a game of hide and seek … Make up your own games to help your children stay active and find their balance.

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