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The best way to learn is through play

At Banana Panda we know how to make learning fun! Children do not even notice how much they learn – they are just having a great fun!. Our educational and age-adapted sets can be used for years as a child grows up, helping them develop various skills.
We have created a collection of handy books that come with either sets  of puzzles or dry-erase markers. Their handy format is perfect to use them anywhere: at home, kindergarten and on the go. Children love to play and parents appreciate the educational value of the products. 

Banana Panda activity sets for kids

Check out our activity sets for toddlers and older children. You can choose a set according to your child’s age and interests!

  • Kids academy is a series of 6 sets. Each of them contains 2 coloring books and a set of 2-piece puzzles and has a great educational value that allows creative play that introduces kids to various topics such as animals, colors (sets for 18 months olds), shapes and opposites (2+), and numbers and letters (3+). Each one encourages kids to learn new words and expand their knowledge of the world. Assembling puzzles trains perceptiveness and observation skills and supports fine motor skills and precision. Coloring books encourage proper grip for future writing.
  • Let’s Write and Wipe is a series of 4 books with various types of drawing activities. Write-on wipe-off format ensures endless fun! Colorful illustrations and interesting tasks invite kids to engage in graphomotor exercises such as: connecting dots, tracing lines, drawing in missing elements or shapes. This is a great way to train perceptiveness, concentration and the proper grip for writing. It is a way to enhance imagination and boosts creativity. This is great fun that at the same time has a positive effect on learning and memory

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    High Contrast Baby Cards 0m+ 3m+
    1 X $15.99 = $15.99
    Suuuper Size Memory Game - matching game memory for toddlers
    Suuuper Size Memory Game
    2 X $29.99 = $59.98
    Paper Garland Animal Match - FREE GIFT with purchase over $25
    1 X $0.00 = $0.00
    High Contrast Baby Cards 6m+ 9m+
    1 X $15.99 = $15.99
    Match the Baby Puzzles
    1 X $19.99 = $19.99
    Tote bag black - free gift
    Tote bag with logo (black) - FREE GIFT with purchase over $75
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    Looong Puzzle Ocean
    2 X $24.99 = $49.98
    Puzzlove Animals Of the World
    1 X $23.99 = $23.99
    Notebook with logo (beige) - FREE GIFT with purchase over $120
    1 X $0.00 = $0.00
    Match the Buddies Puzzles
    1 X $19.99 = $19.99
    Travel riddles for kids 3+ - Peek-a-boo Riddles 3 advanced
    Peek-a-boo Riddles
    1 X $9.99 = $9.99
    Jumbo floor puzzles human body - Suuuper Size Puzzles My Body
    Suuuper Size Puzzles My Body
    1 X $29.99 = $29.99
    Educational puzzle and poster set - Observation Puzzle Space
    Observation Puzzle Space
    1 X $24.99 = $24.99
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