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Animal riddles



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Educational riddles for kids – let’s get to know the animals!

We can bet your child loves stories, playing with puzzles, drawing, and reading books together. Spending such quality time is the most pleasant way to learn and foster the special bond between you! At Banana Panda we believe that educational books for children should be well adjusted to a child’s age and developmental stage. We pay so much attention to every detail and make sure our illustrations, topics and form are always of interest to children of various ages. And we look out for parents – you are your child’s best guide.
We follow children and their natural developmental stages and we cooperate with teachers, psychologists and other specialists as well as parents to ensure that children are given the products they really like. This is why we introduce cute animals in our games and… riddles!

Guess what…. animal riddles for kids are the answer!

We want to encourage children to read and show them that books are so much fun. And guess what… children love riddles! Each book of riddles that are adjusted to a child’s age. They are all beautifully illustrated – and illustrations get more detailed and complicated with age. Our carefully selected topics cover what children already know and love and would like to get to know even better. And we know for a fact that kids just love animals. So, naturally, in our series of pocket size booklets we introduce kids to a lot of animals. Reading and guessing is a fun way to learn something new about animals, learn new words, and expand imagination.

Check out My first riddles are booklets for ages 18 months + and 2+ and the educational series Peek-a-Boo Riddles. This is a whole collection of books for all ages: 3, 4, and 5 years of age. The idea throughout the series remains the same: special holes in the pages with rhymed riddles let the kids see a colorful fragment of an illustrated answer. But the level of difficulty advances. However, they all cover a variety of topics. Therefore each child can find something they already like as well as discover something brand new and exciting.

Each of the riddles booklets can be used as a picture book. It is a great opportunity to talk about animals, where they live, what they eat, what their names are and wow we call their body parts and colors.

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