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Educational riddles for kids – let’s get to know the world!

What do children love? Let us guess: assembling puzzles, drawing, and reading books. Moreover, they love when parents join them which is the most pleasant way to strengthen the special bond between you and… it is the best way to learn! At Banana Panda we know that educational books for children should be adjusted to a child’s age and developmental stage. We take care of every detail. We make sure that our products have appropriate illustrations, themes and form. We value the interest of children of various ages.
We follow children and their natural development. When working on our products we cooperate with parents and teachers, psychologists and other specialists. The final outcome is products that are really liked by children and appreciated by parents. Let us introduce you to our… riddles!

Guess what…. science riddles for kids are the answer!

Guess what… children love riddles! And we do too. Moreover, we know that they are a great way to sell new knowledge – it is so much fun that the kids do not even notice they learn in the process!

Our riddles are adjusted to a child’s age. That means we carefully choose the topic and difficulty of each riddle. Sometimes we cover what kids already know and we check the existing knowledge or introduce familiar concepts. And sometimes we introduce them to something new. Our booklets are beautifully illustrated. The level of details gets more complicated with age. And we know for a fact that kids are little scientists and explorers and there are no “too difficult subjects” for them! So, obviously, our pocket size booklets introduce kids to a lot of scientific topics: dinosaurs and paleontology, space and cosmic discoveries, planets and most important objects, the planet, its geography, not well known facts on animals or history – did you expect that such tiny books are packed with so much knowledge? The fun has just begun – guessing and reading is a great way to learn something new and expand imagination. It is a fantastic way to encourage the children to broaden their interests and start asking their own questions!

My first riddles are booklets for ages 18 months + and 2+ are perfect for younger children and the educational series Peek-a-Boo Riddles is great for preschoolers. This is a collection of riddles for ages: 3, 4, and 5 years of age. Special holes in the pages with riddles give the kids a sneak peak of colorful fragments of an illustrated answer. And the level of difficulty advances with age. However, they all cover a variety of topics, enhancing the STEM skills. Every child can find something they like as well as discover something new.


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