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Child development in the first year of life

The first year of life is the most intense period in terms of the pace of development. While it may be difficult for caregivers to notice changes, and the days may seem so similar to one another, these could not be further from the truth. Actually, it is truly astonishing how much progress happens in such a short time! Children change dramatically in only 365 days. All motor skills are developing: infants learn to sit up, stand up and walk. At the same time, their cognitive skills and knowledge are progressing incredibly, too. Parents are often amazed to discover how much babies can do and understand, even though they do not yet speak.

Parents and caregivers often wonder how they can play with their littlest babies. Is it even possible to play with such a small child, who seemingly only sleeps, and in the first weeks of life is not even able to raise its head? The answer is plain and simple: yes, of course! Moreover, you should play with infants because it is vital for their development. The first months of baby’s life is an extremely important time, which should be spent under the watchful eye of carers. Children love and need to be carried, cuddled and… entertained by their beloved caregivers. This is why we offer you a little help that both you and your child are going to love and appreciate.

Educational toys for infants – are they necessary?

The most important connections in the human brain are formed in a very early period of its life, so thanks to appropriate actions we can support the development of the child’s nervous system as early as shortly after birth. The process of creating connections between brain cells can be intensified by providing the child with appropriate sensory stimuli, including visual, therefore viewing contrasting illustrations has a beneficial effect on the developing brain.

The fact is that no interactive toys can replace a human’s touch, voice, and attention for the littlest ones. Therefore we created our contrast books. Firstly, the designs attract infants’ eyes and allow them to train their eye muscles. Secondly, at the same time it is a great “tool” for parents and a great idea for spending time together. Playing in showing details on the illustrations, telling what is shown on them gives children a lot of fun and builds their sense of security. Babies really pay attention to contrasting patterns and like them very much. With time, parents are happy to discover that placing a contrast book in front of a lying toddler inspires them to raise their heads! 

Showing your baby high contrast cards: stimulates their brain, help develop concentration and strengthens their eye muscles, helps to build visual and spatial awareness. Play between parent and child is crucial for your bond. It also helps your baby to learn about the world and is a great preparation for speech development.

Banana Panda contrast books

Check out the amazing Banana Panda collection of contrast books and find the set that suits you best. It is also a great baby shower gift for future parents:

  • High Contrast Baby Pack – this is a set of 2 contrast books, for children aged 3 months + and six months, and 7 double-sided cards, which can be used to create a beautiful contrast garland and decorate baby’s room or crib with it.
  • High Contrast Contrast Cards on a ring 0 m+ is a handy booklet with 10 double-sided cards on a ring. You can hang the booklet by the crib or baby carriage. You can also conveniently use the individual cards.
  • High Contrast Contrast Cards on a ring 3 m+ is another contrast book in the series. Its illustrations include extra colors and are more detailed.
  • The Way I See It is an educational set of 12 double-sided and extra large and sturdy high contrast flash cards.
  • Babies around a year old will love to reach for their first simple puzzles and coloring books.

It’s never too early to explore the world together!


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