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Educational toys for 1 year olds



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Educational toys for 1 year olds

Kids love to observe the world around them. Curiosity is great because it is the greatest inspiration to learn! A child learns by observing and memorizing the behavior, gestures and words of others. Little ones have already made great progress and are still developing rapidly.
Your one year old can probably already walk, and will soon be able to run and climb. Everyday they become more and more independent. As they train manual dexterity and motor skills, they also become more communicative. Even though they may not yet speak, it is going to change any day. Toddlers systematically expand their vocabulary and already understand way more than adults believe is possible. And obviously, they love to play.

This is only natural: a little one’s daily “work” is play and you can actively help them by selecting the right activities and toys to support their natural development through play. Actively accompany your child whenever it is possible – this way you strengthen the unique bond between you and double your fun!

Let’s actively support toddler’s development through play

Parents often wonder which toy for a toddler would be a really valuable choice. What do we recommend for 1-year-old boys and girls? We suggest that you should keep away from electronic toys, join the play whenever it is possible and choose toys that are made of natural and safe materials. It is not surprising that we recommend cardboard toys. This is a great opportunity to introduce you to our simple puzzles, games and creative books!

Our philosophy is simple: we give you and your children space for your own creative and educational play. We value great design. We follow children’s natural developmental stages to support them in the best possible way. Our books, games and puzzles have form and content adapted to the age and interests of children. This is why our educational toys are recommended by both parents and specialists, such as psychologists and educators. What we like most is the little ones’ opinion. We do it right because the children really love Banana Panda!

Playing with Banana Panda allows you to spend valuable time together. Parents can be sure that playing with our various games, riddles and puzzles train memory, motor skills, teach new words and broaden imagination. The best thing? And children do not even notice! For them the play is pure fun and a great way to spend time!

Educational puzzles, books, and games for toddlers from Banana Panda

Learning can be so much fun! We offer various creative sets for little ones:

  • First puzzles – a selection of simple two-element puzzles. Playing with them develops perceptiveness, hand-eye coordination and inspires children to ask questions and gain knowledge. It teaches about colors, shapes, animals and is a fun way to broaden imagination!
  • First picture books for little ones – we offer picture books on a ring and harmonica books. They 
  • First riddles – we have an age-adjusted selection of handy books that are a fun way to gain new knowledge. They are packed with interesting facts and help learn about the world, and inspire further exploration. They are great at home or on the go.
  • First Games are adjusted to children’s age. Before they learn how to follow rules (be patient!), there are so many creative ways to play. This allows you to develop speech, seight, hearing and touch. It also teaches how to deal with emotions that naturally appear during games.

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