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Educational toys for 2 year olds



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Educational toys for a two year old 

Two-year-old is an attentive observer of the world around him or her. Every day a toddler becomes more and more independent, constantly improves walking skills, and is more and more eager to run, climb and jump. It is important to play sports to help develop gross and fine motor skills. Obviously, physical development is not all. At this age, children start to think in a new way and their language acquisition helps them understand almost everything adults say. The toddler becomes more communicative, systematically expands his or her vocabulary and starts to build first simple sentences. They are more and more willing to establish contacts with peers and are able to engage in more pretend play. Does your kind have tantrums? It is a normal way to express frustration for kids this age!

A toddler’s daily “work” is play. Caregivers and parents can support childrens’ natural development by choosing appropriate toys and actively accompanying them during various activities. A child learns by observing and memorizing the behavior, gestures and words of others, therefore an efficient memory and exercising attention and concentration are very important for its proper development.

How to actively support toddler’s development through play?

Parents often wonder what toy for a 2-year-old will be a really valuable choice. What do we recommend for a 2-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy? We strongly suggest sport activities  and manual play, away from electronics. This is why our toys are made of safe, certified and natural materials. We like educational blocks, wooden toys and, of course, cardboard ones. This is a great time to try out our first simple puzzles, games and creative books! Our philosophy is simple: we give children and parents space for their own creative play, the way we follow the child and support their natural development. We make sure that our books, games and puzzles have content and form adapted to the age and interests of children. Our original toys are recommended by parents and specialists, psychologists and educators, but most of all children like them.

Playing with Banana Panda is not only the joy of spending time together. Adults appreciate, and toddlers do not even notice, that while solving puzzles or various games, toddlers train memory, gross and fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. When you play together, you can teach your child new words and talk about the world around you.

Educational books, puzzles, and games for toddlers from Banana Panda

Check out our vast selection of creative sets, games, booklets and puzzles for toddlers:

  • Our educational games: jumbo floor Suuuper Size Memory Game and  on-the-go pocket size memo work great as the first memory game. Please note that the classic memo game is just one of many ways to play. Various ways to use large boards and tokens will support fine and gross motor skills, vocabulary and perceptiveness. The first memory and lotto games train memory and imagination, and teach children how to cope with the emotions that arise during competition.
  • Puzzles: from simple two-element puzzles to more and more difficult and creative sets with mix and match elements. Assembling puzzles is a fun way to develop perceptiveness and hand-eye coordination. It is great to play on one’s own or to have fun with friends or family. At Banana Panda we know what little ones like and we offer a vast selection of topics for our puzzles.
  • Riddles and coloring books sets: our handy books are packed with fun riddles and activities. They are a friendly way to transfer new knowledge and inspire further exploration.

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