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Educational toys for 3 months



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Creative toys for infants – why is it so important to play with your baby?

You can support your child’s brain development and its important connections very early on. Here you can learn how to support your child’s nervous system in the first months of the baby’s life. Showing the high contrast black and white pictures intensify the process of creating connections between nervous cells. Choose an appropriate visual stimulus. Early on, it should be as simple as possible: clear black and white patterns with a dash of other colors. Later on, the patterns can be more complex. Also, the baby will be able to see and process more and more colors. This is the knowledge we incorporated when creating our high contrast collection for parents of young children.

You, the caregiver, are the most important part of the learning and bonding process. It is your loving touch, attention, and voice that is what allows your baby to learn. This is why we created our contrast books: to give you the right tool to support your child development and ideas for very early learning and creative play.


You may be surprised to see how much infants love the high contrast pictures. Watching them is a great exercise for eye muscles. Try placing a black & white book or booklet in front of a baby that is laying on its stomach and see them raising their heads! Show your child details on the illustrations, tell stories and name the animals and objects. This is a great way to have a lot of fun together and to develop the bond between you. It is also a way to discover the world together: you may be surprised to find out how much babies know and understand. What a great way to spend time together!


Contrast books by Banana Panda

The Banana Panda high contrast books collection contains 4 educational sets. Each title makes a fantastic baby shower gift! For older infants you can choose:


  • High Contrast Baby Pack – contains 2 books, and 7 double-sided cards. Their patterns are designed for children aged 0 months, 3 m+ and 6 m+. You can use them throughout the first year of your child’s life.
  • High Contrast Contrast Cards on a ring for ages 0 m+ is a booklet with 10 double-sided cards on a plastic ring. It can be hanged on a crib or baby carriage. The book can be used for older infants as well!
  • High Contrast Contrast Cards on a ring 3 m+ is very similar in form but its pictures are more complex and contain more colors: black and white, red, yellow and blue. 
  • The Way I See It is a great educational set of black and white cards with red and yellow details. It contains 12 double-sided large flash cards.


How do children develop in their first 12 months?

Do you know that the first 12 months of life is the time when the pace of development is the most intense? We know it can be hard to notice everyday changes, and long days may seem so alike. But this is truly amazing how rapid progress is achieved in just 1 year! When Newborns seem to only eat and sleep. A year later not only do they sit, stand up and even walk, but they also are able to communicate pretty well. Their knowledge and cognitive skills are well developed too.Now you know how to play with an infant and why it is so crucial.

At Banana Panda we encourage parents to spend as much time together with their children as possible. Cuddle, carry and talk to your babies, read books together, talk to them about what you see. This way you teach your baby about the world, help them develop and… show them your love!

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