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Educational toys for 5 year olds



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Developmental milestones for a 5-year-old

Is your child a kindergartner and soon to become a first grader? Time flies! Five year olds typically communicate effectively and their sentences can be really long. They should be able to tell stories. Their social development is impressive: they can tell when somebody acts right or wrong and can express their feelings. They like to play with friends. They are well developed physically, can run, jump, climbe, and catch the ball. You can notice that they are well coordinated. It is important to engage in sport activities that support gross motor skills. Various activities such as drawing, writing, cutting, playing with jigsaw puzzles boost fine motor skills. It is important for future writing. Their imagination expands and the role of pretend play is bigger. While choosing a right toy for a 5 year old, remember, that children still love and need to spend valuable time with caregivers. After all, you are the best guide for your child!

What toys to choose for 5-year-olds?

At Banana Panda we know how important the role of play is. Childrens’ specialists and psychologists agree: at this age it is important to cut down the use of electronic toys as much as possible. Instead, play sports, assemble puzzles, read, play games and use creative books, count and write. Our beautiful educational and creative toys allow you to support  all the developing skills while playing and having so much fun. They are made of certified and safe materials, and have an exceptional educational value.
We support childrens’ natural development. Our products’ form, illustration and theme are adapted to a child’s age. We give children and parents space for their own fun which is a way to foster the special bond between parents and children. What is most important, playing with Banana Panda is so pleasant.
Assembling puzzles or writing is a great way to train fine motor skills, perceptiveness and hand-eye coordination, memory, expand vocabulary and imagination. It helps to prepare to read and count, learn about nature and the human body, develop hobbies and train fine motor skills. Our products cover a variety of topics and improve children’s STEM skills.

Educational toys for a kindergartner from Banana Panda 

Are you looking for an educational gift for a 5-year-old? Check out our expanding collection. Our sets work at home, kindergarten, and on the go:

  • Each of our products has a suggested user’s age. However, since you know your child best, it is just a guidance. Older children as well as adults can play with games originally designed for 2-year-olds, some children like to assemble difficult puzzles earlier and so on. What is most important: choose what you really like!
  • Observation puzzles make an excellent educational gift. They train hand-eye coordination and inspire children to learn about what they like. See our Space, Dinosaurs and My body puzzles. Each set contains a large puzzle with a frame full of details and a poster with interesting facts.
  • Do you like travelling? See our Map puzzles. What in the World Animals Around the Globe puzzles includes a 60-piece puzzle, 21 figures of animals, and an educational poster. It is a great way to learn about the world, continents, animals around the globe.
  • Peek-a-boo Riddles is another fun way to learn about the world. Due to their pocket size they are great to have fun on the go. Each page with rhymed riddles has special holes that allow you to see a bit of an answer.
  • Creative coloring and drawing books encourage your child to draw and write. It is a great way to train fine motor skills, concentration and hand-eye coordination. Today’s play is a great exercise for little hands and a great foundation for future writing. Their handy size allows you to carry them with you – they may come handy anytime.

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