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Educational toys for 6 year olds



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When your child goes to school

Does a pupil already live in your home? Isn’t it amazing how time flies? Children around 6 years of age are facing a big challenge as they become students in their elementary school. This is a big step for them!

What are the developmental milestones for a 6 year old?
Children develop at their own pace. However you can spot changes in their physical, motor, social, emotional and cognitive development. Their physical abilities and fine motor skills get much better. Their writing skills improve. Children get stronger. You may notice a new way children view the world and how they interact with it. Young students start to look for more logical answers to their questions. This is also the time when kids start forming real friendships.
Even though children start to look for “more adult” activities, play is still extremely important in their development. This is great, because learning through play is both the most effective and pleasant. It is also a great opportunity to spend time together. Embrace it, as with time children will devote more and more time to their own hobbies and friends.

Educational toys for 6 year olds

How to play with first graders? On one hand sport is crucial for a healthy development. On the other hand, it is important to nurture their hobbies, interests and support them in gaining new knowledge.
Students have to acquire new knowledge and switch to a different mode of learning. The right educational toys will support that and inspire their further exploration. Although electronic and interactive gadgets and toys are important in pupils’ lives,luckily analogue “classical” toys are still very much liked. At Banana Panda we treat children and their passion and interests very seriously. Therefore our toys have great educational value and are created with attention to detail. They are beautifully illustrated and their form is adjusted to age.
Each of our educational toys makes a perfect educational gift. They inspire students to learn, ask their own questions and look for answers. Moreover, they are great to play together. Our puzzles make excellent family puzzles or puzzles for adults – we encourage you to join the fun and spend great time with your children.

What in the World. Young Explorers – Puzzles for ages 6+ 

Calling all the young explorers on a great adventure! Check our our jumbo floor puzzle with a beautiful, colorful map of the world. Completed jigsaw puzzle measures 98x68cm/38.5×26.5”. Assemble the 168-piece puzzle and learn about oceans and continents, wild animals, amazing plants and some of the most famous buildings on our planet. As you can see, every corner of the world is full of interesting things to discover. Play with puzzles is great to learn about landmarks, nature and history. What is more, it trains visual memory, perception, and concentration.

Suuuper Size Puzzle Solar System for ages 7+

Discover our jumbo educational 300-piece puzzle. Completed jigsaw puzzle measures 98x68cm/38.5×26.5”. It depicts the most important and interesting objects and explorers of our Solar System. Learn about the planets and planetoids, moons and satellites. Do you know the famous animals that help with some cosmic discoveries? An educational set contains the jigsaw puzzle and an extra-large educational poster full of cosmic curiosities. It can inspire young space explorers to learn more about space. It can become an original room decoration.

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