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When your child goes to school

Do you already have a pupil living in your home? It is amazing how time flies! Children around 6 years of age are facing a big challenge. They enter a new social role: becoming students in their elementary school! It is a great step for both children and parents.

What are the developmental milestones for first graders?

Changes continue to occur in children’s physical, motor, social, emotional and cognitive development. Please note, that children develop at their own pace but you can expect that their physical abilities and fine motor skills will be much better, even though they may not be noticed at first glance. They gain strength and stamina as well as get better at writing. However you may notice the change in the way children view the world and interact with it. Young students will look for more logical answers to their questions and will form real friendships.
Although kids are increasingly looking for “more adult” activities and have many more new responsibilities, play still plays a key role in their development. Let’s take advantage of it, because learning through play is still the most effective and enjoyable. On top of that, it’s a great opportunity to spend time together with children who are continuously devoting more and more time to their own hobbies and peers.


Educational toys for a First Grader

School has a big impact on a child. On one hand we suggest that sport as possible. On the other hand, it is important to nurture childrens’ hobbies, interests and gaining new knowledge.
Students in school already have to master new materials and switch to a different mode of learning. The right toys will allow kids to deepen and systematize the knowledge gained in class and inspire further exploration, exploring their favorite topics. Although interactive gadgets and electronics play an increasingly important role in young people’s lives, it turns out that analogue toys are still going strong. However, kids this age know what they like. At Banana Panda we treat the students very seriously. Our toys have great educational value, beautiful images and are designed the way that even adults want to play!
Each of our educational puzzle makes an excellent gift that will keep on giving. They will inspire students to learn, ask their own questions and look for further answers. They deepen the knowledge. What is more, they are great as family puzzles or puzzles for adults – join the fun and spend some valuable time together with your children.
All our puzzle pieces are made of high-quality, thick cardboard. They are kept in large, keepsake boxes with practical, sturdy handles.


What in the World. Young Explorers – Puzzles for ages 7+ 

This jumbo floor puzzle shows a map of the world. When completed it measures 98x68cm/38.5×26.5”. Assembling this 168-piece puzzle is a fun way to learn about oceans and continents, wild animals, plants and some most famous places on our planet Earth. Every corner of the world is full of interesting things to see and discover. Play with puzzles trains visual memory, perception, and concentration. It has great educational value – it inspires to learn about landmarks, nature and history.


Observation Puzzle My Body – Puzzles for ages 7+

This is probably the most fun and inspirational way to learn about the human body.
Our very detailed educational puzzle will delight advanced puzzle lovers, both children and adults. Start with assembling the 204-piece puzzle, and then have fun finding the elements from the picture frame. The large double-sided poster is full of fascinating facts about human anatomy. Puzzles are perfect for learning about the structure and functioning of the human body. Play with observation puzzle trains perception, visual memory and concentration.

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