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How to support the development of preschoolers?

Three year old children can already do a lot! They know a lot of words and can communicate effectively, are constantly expanding their vocabulary and building longer and longer sentences. They become more and more independent. A preschooler is an attentive observer of the world: like a little scientist, he or she asks many questions, is curious about everything, experiments and investigates. A child can count a few things and are ready for new challenges. Children this age like playing with peers and it is important for their social development.

A child gains knowledge naturally, and does it best through play. With appropriately selected toys and activities, you can help improve your child’s academic skills, as well as support his or her cognitive, emotional and motor development.

Banana Panda follows children from infancy through early childhood to middle childhood and helps support their natural development on every level along the way. We create beautiful, clever and safe cardboard and paper toys that are loved by children. We suggest you join the educational and creative play with your little one as often as possible. It is so much fun!

A toy for a preschooler – what is really worth choosing?

Parents are looking for valuable toys that are safe and carefully made, have a high educational value, and in addition are pretty and shape the sense of aesthetics of children. Experts agree: it is worth playing with puzzles, games and creative books and using as little electronics as possible. Our philosophy is simple: we give children and parents space for their own creative ideas. We make sure that our products’ illustration and form are adapted to a child’s age. Therefore our toys are recommended by parents, caregivers and specialists such as psychologists or teachers. 

They can be used in every preschool, pre-k or kindergarten as teaching aids. They are great for playing together with friends or siblings. What is most important, children happily choose to reach for them.

While assembling puzzles or playing games together, children train their memory, motor skills and manual dexterity, learn new words and expand their imagination. In addition, they are inspired to acquire knowledge on a variety of topics, learn letters and numbers, nature, gain knowledge about the body, expand their hobbies and interests. Learning through fun has never been so pleasant!

Educational toys and games from Banana Panda

See what we recommend for a three-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl?

  • Check out our selection of floor puzzles: Suuuper Size Puzzles My Body and Alphabet. It is a friendly way to learn about letters and the human body. 
  • Puzzles with appropriately selected themes teach and inspire. Observation puzzles for three-year-olds and four-year-olds continue to improve their fine motor skills and perceptiveness, and at the same time inspire them to learn about the world of nature and space.
  • Looong puzzles and puzzles with figures are a fun way to explore the world and expand imagination.
  • Creative puzzles Robot Lab allow children to make their own robots – there are endless possibilities to play. Such play support imagination and inspire future engineers.
  • Coloring and drawing books on various topics as well as educational games with a dry-erase pen inspire preschoolers to develop manual skills and to create.
  • Kids Academy is a series of books and puzzles.
  • Booklets with riddles or quizzes are another idea for fun learning.

Banana Panda puzzles, games and educational sets differ in themes and size. You can easily choose sets that will work at home, in the kindergarten, on vacations or while traveling. Banana Panda products make a great gift!  If you have any questions – let us know.

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