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What is concentration?

Do you know children who are fidgeting, getting bored or easily distracted, being unable to finish a simple task? Concentration is the ability to focus attention. And the simple truth is that children can concentrate – they just do it differently than adults. Their attention span is shorter. They like to have fun while fulfilling their tasks. Sometimes they just do not know the rules (or are too young to understand them).

How to improve childrens’ concentration?

You should take care of your child’s routine and good diet. Make sure you engage in sports and spend as little time as possible on electronic devices. And we have some great news! Do you know that playing and having fun is actually recommended to help increase children’s concentration? A good choice of toys and activities keep them interested and focused. And…. practise focusing to build attention but do it in the way that is fun. To play some games a right level of concentration is required so make sure you engage in activities that are chosen according to your child’s age and abilities. This way you will learn new things, train their skills and have so much fun while spending valuable time together.

Concentration puzzles for kids form Banana Panda

Check out our concentration puzzles for toddlers and older children:

  • It is safe to assume that all puzzles are great to train focus and attention. Assembling pieces requires concentration and patience. Make sure that the number of pieces and the topic is adjusted to the child’s age. This way they will not be bored but rather up for the challenge. A theme that they really like is the best way to drag their attention and keep them focused.
  • Check out our mix and match collection of puzzles. They are great to teach your child to understand the context of a situation. Matching elements is a great exercise for little hands but it also requires focus to do it correctly. Children need to pay attention to learn to do it right. See our puzzles such as Suuuper Size Puzzle Farm Match Fun, Match the Baby or Match the Buddies, and Fire Truck and Food Truck.
  • Remember that memo games are great to train attention! Suuuper Size Memory Games help train memory and concentration skills. Large elements are great for various educational plays such as spotting the same illustrations or finding out differences between them. Make sure to adjust the level of play to your child’s abilities and interests. Bear in mind that you can always use a smaller number of elements to make sure the level of the game is age-appropriate.
  • Drawing is always a good exercise that has many benefits. It requires attention and concentration. Make sure that the tasks are not too difficult – we want children to be interested! See the books from the Let’s Write and Wipe collection and Kids Academy and  Loooong Coloring Books that offer titles for kids of various ages.

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