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Human body puzzles



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DIscover how human body is built and functions with children

Do you know how important play is in children’s development? It is obviously the best way to introduce new topics and deepen children’s knowledge and interests. At Banana Panda we create products that support children’s development on multiple levels, bring knowledge and at the same time – so much fun!

We create products for children of all ages. We always choose their themes carefully and work on it to make sure that each product’s form and illustration are adjusted to a child’s age and their  interests and skills. We listen to parents, teachers and other specialists, but most importantly: kids. This is why our educational products are so loved by children and appreciated by parents and experts. We introduce children to a variety of topics and encourage them to make their own discoveries. Our selection of anatomy puzzles are a great foundation to further talks about the human body, how it is built and how it functions. Whether your child would like to become a doctor or not, the knowledge on anatomy is essential.

Banana Panda human body puzzles for kids

Your child’s first anatomy lesson can start in your child’s room! See our collection of human body puzzles for toddlers and older children:

  • Suuuper Size Puzzle My Body is perfect for preschoolers. It is a 84-piece creative play that invites kids to discover the human body in a very friendly way. Six large floor puzzles (18.5”) have interchangeable pieces that allow for more creative fun and better understanding of how the body works. The set also includes the double-sided poster full of anatomy facts. These puzzles are a great educational gift.
  • Observation Puzzle My Body is a set that makes learning anatomy fun and inspirational! This detailed puzzle is perfect for advanced puzzle lovers and adults. Start with assembling the 204-piece puzzle, which depicts the human body’s major organs and systems, and then look for the 70 elements featured in the picture frame. The set also includes a large double-sided poster full of interesting facts about the human body.
  • The puzzle helps expand and reinforce children’s knowledge of anatomy in a comprehensive way. It is an excellent tool for training concentration and perceptiveness, encouraging kids to spend their free time creatively.
  • A first friendly books about human anatomy and also feelings can be found in an educational set Little Explorers Library. Those are long harmonica books with beautiful and bright illustrations that are a great inspiration to talk about various topics, including the body, its parts and emotions.

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