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Banana Panda – the joy of discovery

We create original books, games, puzzles and educational toys for children. All our products are characterized by the highest quality and attention to the smallest detail. We use only the best certified components and produce in Europe. Our ideas are consulted with child development specialists, psychologists, educators and… parents and children!

We know how to encourage children to have educational and creative fun and we give parents a wide range of products and activity ideas which allow them to support their children’s development in an extremely pleasant way. We make sure that the themes, stunning illustrations and forms are adapted to the developing skills and interests of children of all ages.

The benefits of puzzles and games

Girls and boys are interested in the surrounding world from an early age. As they grow older, they become more skillful and have more specific interests. Puzzles and games are great for home, nurseries, kindergartens, and even during walks or travel. It is a great gift idea for a child – for birthday, Christmas, during a visit, or without any occasion.

Playing with puzzles and games has many benefits. It allows to exercise manual skills, hand-eye coordination and perceptiveness. It trains patience and concentration as well as develops imagination, interests and inspires to acquire new knowledge. It also helps with dealing with emotions and cooperating with others. When choosing a jigsaw puzzle or a game, think about your child’s interests. Each of our products is appropriately marked with the suggested age of the young recipient and icons with the skills that they help develop through play.

The perfect educational toy for a child

Many factors influence whether a puzzle will be pleasing and, at the same time, will fulfill its various functions, for example help to promote motor development or colors learning. That is why we take care of every detail. Beautiful illustrations with varying levels of detail, the number of elements and their size, the size of the puzzles, the purpose of the puzzle, and finally the theme tailored to the age of the puzzle – nothing is accidental. Thanks to this, developing play is not only a pleasure, but it allows to improve key competencies of children for a given age. We have created a series of puzzles and games for kids, which follow and support their natural development. As the first puzzles, simple, two-element puzzles are perfect. The level of difficulty of the game increases with age. The number of puzzle pieces increases and the themes and forms become more varied – to suit the all-round interests of older children, preschoolers and school children. Our most difficult puzzles work great as puzzles for adults.

Discover our bright ideas for curious minds

We give parents and children space to initiate their own ideas for fun, while allowing them to discover the world together. We accompany you from the infancy to the school age of children.¬† Our puzzle store is well-stocked! You’ll find jigsaw puzzles with a variety of themes: dinosaurs, cars and other vehicles, wild animals and farm animals, space, fairy tales, maps and landscapes… easy and difficult puzzles, with different numbers of pieces and sizes: large floor puzzles and small puzzles in handy boxes. Get to know our unique series of puzzles and games recommended by children and parents:

  • First Puzzles – are there any puzzles for babies? Under the watchful eye of the caregivers and thanks to the products properly matched to the age, the adventure with the puzzles may begin already for the toddlers who are just learning to control their hands. The key to choosing puzzles for the youngest is their well-thought-out form and content: appropriately matched number and size of elements, themes close to children and beautiful and simple illustrations.
  • Mix and Match puzzles is a versatile series that grows with children who love to play with matching circles and shapes and inspiring them to learn new things.
  • Jumbo educational Suuuper Size Puzzles are a great idea for a gift and joint play with friends or siblings. They cover a variety of topics.
  • Observation puzzles with different themes and number of elements have a frame full of details to search for in the arranged illustration.
  • Creative puzzles do not have one solution: all the elements are interchangeable and can be assembled freely. It is a great way to develop creativity and interest in STEM topics.
  • Puzzles with figures – when the puzzles are accompanied by cardboard figures, fun continues for even longer.
  • Memory and Bingo Games – due to their simple rules they are great as a first game but they grow together with kids. Their content can be used in a variety of ways!

We create toys that you want to play with.

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