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Multi-piece puzzle from Banana Panda – perfect for older children and adults

Are there any real puzzle maniacs here? Assembling puzzles has many benefits and is a great idea for spending time together. Our puzzles have an age-appropriate topic, illustration and form. Beautiful illustrations inspire kids to play and acquire knowledge. More and more detailed and complicated puzzles are perfect as family puzzles and puzzles for adults. Try Banana Panda puzzles in your homes and kindergartens or even schools, invite your friends to play! How many puzzles does your child arrange – maybe it is time for another record? Check our 100-element puzzles for kids.

100-element puzzles for children

Calling all future doctors and children interested in biology! Observation puzzles for older children are 204-element Puzzle The Human Body. A large illustration has a frame with details to be found on the assembled puzzles. Each set contains a large double-sided educational poster full of information on human anatomy.

Solar System by Xplore Team is a 300-element large format puzzle. The floor puzzle when assembled measures 98 x 68 cm/38,5×26.5”. Very detailed illustration shows the planets and planetoids, moons and other celestial bodies. It also introduces researchers, scientists and explorers who helped us gather knowledge about the Universe. The set also includes a huge poster full of cosmic curiosities.

Map of the World is a jumbo educational puzzle (98 x 68 cm/38,5×26.5”) with a beautiful and detailed illustration of continents and oceans and the most interesting animals, plants and buildings. It invites children to learn about nature, geography and history.

Mix and Match Trains – is a very creative puzzle set. It contains 108 pieces, including 56 double-sided, and a large poster full of information about trains and technology. All the pieces are interchangable! You can create your own trains by combining the puzzles in any way you like.

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