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40 piece puzzles



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There is always time for Banana Panda puzzles!

Playing with puzzles is a universally developing fun and a fantastic idea for spending time. It improves manual skills, perceptiveness and patience. Thanks to the appropriate subject matter it inspires to ask questions and expand knowledge about the world. Allows you to develop creativity and imagination.

Find out with Banana Panda what the joy of discovery is! For children who are more advanced with puzzles and ready for more challenges, we have created various multi-element puzzles that entertain and teach about the world. Puzzles form and themes are adapted to the various interests of children. Puzzles are great to play with at homes and kindergartens. It is always a good idea to invite the siblings, friends or parents to play together. Check out our 40-element puzzles for children. They always make a great gift!

40-element puzzles for kids – perfect for preschoolers

Observation Puzzle Garden and Forest are large 40-element puzzles. Assemble the pieces and let the fun carry on! On the frame of each puzzle there are a lot of details. The task is to find them in the illustration. This is a fun activity that develops perceptiveness and makes a lot of fun. Colorful and detailed illustrations inspire conversations about nature.

Our Make-a-Match Numer Train is a 30-element long puzzle train. This creative floor puzzle set with interchangeable circles allows children to learn the numbers and to count from 1 to 10 in a friendly way. The educational set comes with a guide for parents featuring 31 creative game ideas. Check out other 40-piece puzzles from our Looong puzzles series.

Figure it Out Puzzle Vehicles in Action is a set of four progressive puzzles (9-, 12-, 15- and 35-pieces). This way kids can improve their skills gradually. The set also includes eight figures that allow children to create their own stories and play in a variety of ways.

Please remember, that older children can master the art of jigsaw puzzles using puzzles that were designed for younger children. Our sets allow adjusting the level of difficulty of the game to the developing children’s skills.

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