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First puzzles for the youngest children

Puzzles, wooden blocks, jigsaw puzzles, magnetic games, interactive and playing toys – what to choose for a toddler? What toys will work for a one-year-old, what to pay attention when choosing the right toy? In Banana Panda we focus on cardboard toys, made of safe and certified materials. We make sure that their content and form are adapted to the age of a child and its developing skills. Their themes were chosen according to the interests of children. At the same time, we know that the best guide for a child in the world is a parent or guardian, so we create educational toys that engage toddlers and adults to play together, For children around their first birthdays, we have created large and durable educational puzzles, which will perfectly prove to be the first puzzles.

We recommend that you encourage your child to assemble puzzles. The play supports development on many levels. Toddlers can learn how to manipulate objects: from making the first attempts to connect the pieces to being more and more precise while playing with more pieces. Puzzles are a great way to develop manual skills and dexterity of hands. They exercise perceptiveness, concentration and grouping of objects.

Banana Panda First puzzles for toddlers

It is well known that learning through play is the most pleasant and effective. Appropriately selected themes of puzzles develop interests, inspire to learn new words and concepts, improve logical thinking. It is a way to learn shapes, colors, names of animals and vehicles. Check out our collection of first puzzles for the youngest kids. They have a simple form and illustrations, full of vibrant colors. Gradually, they allow children to master the art of combining elements and play with increasingly complex puzzles. These are just some examples!

  • Puzzles for one year old children – the first two-piece puzzles are First shapes Circle and Squares and Triangles. Every match is a success!
  • For children aged 15 and 18 months + – Match the Buddies and Match the Baby. They are educational sets of large and sturdy 2-piece puzzles. The idea is to match a circle with the same animal but every answer is possible. You can mix and match the pieces to train colors, names of animals or just for pure fun and joking around!
  • For children aged 2+ – Two-element and four-element puzzles – toddlers quickly master the art of putting together puzzles and are ready for new challenges. See puzzles such as Puzzle pairs Vehicles or Animals and Little Creatures. Hands at Play Vehicles and Farm Animals are sets of progressive puzzles. Each box contains 4 puzzles with gradually increasing number of elements.

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