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The world is your playground

The need to play with puzzles or games or riddles can get you anywhere! We know that. This is why we have a collection of puzzles and games that come in cute and handy boxes. They are perfect for travel and fun on the go!

Puzzles or games are always a great idea. Each of our On-The-Go sets offers you endless possibilities for a creative and educational play. Puzzles are great for children to train their perception, hands and hand-eye coordination. They teach patience and logical thinking and train memory. Bright illustrations are a great inspiration for conversations about animals, vehicles, colors.

At Banana Panda we make sure that our products are of the best quality. They are safe and made of certified materials. Their illustrations and topics are well adjusted to childrens’ interests and age. We want to teach children something new through play as well as let them have as much fun as possible.

Puzzles and games on-the-go for kids of all ages

Check out our collection of Puzzles on the go for toddler and older children. And come back for more – we are working to expand the series. Each set can inspire you to have creative play – just think outside the box!

  • Handy puzzles: First Shapes Circles and Squares & Triangles are perfect as first puzzles for little ones. The pieces are interchangeable and every match is a success. With time kids will learn to make connections that make sense. They are great to train little hands as well as creativity and teach about shapes and colors.
  • Puzzle Pairs Animals and Vehicles contain 2-piece puzzles. They are great for beginners and make  great gifts. Pieces can be mixed and matched for more fun.
  • Little Animals and Little Creatures are sets for more advanced puzzlers. Each set contains 5 4-piece puzzles. Bright and vivid colors and the themes are loved by toddlers! Puzzles are interchangeable and children can create their own funny animals.
  • Memory games train memory, perception, patience. Our new memo games can be played anywhere – in the car, on a plane or train, during picnic or other meetings. Just choose your favourite topic and make sure to always have the box with you.
  • Riddles and Flashcards on the Ring are handy and educational booklets packed with knowledge that are adjusted to childrens’ age and interests. They can be used as picture books and allow you to learn something new in a very fun way.


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