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Observation puzzles



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Series of educational puzzles for children of various ages

Observation Puzzles is a vast Banana Panda puzzle series. It currently includes 5 titles of puzzles for kids of different ages. The collection is growing all the time!
Each gift box contains a large jigsaw puzzle – after assembling it is 19 x 26” / 48 x 68 cm big.
Elements are large and solidly made, so puzzles are durable with proper storage, this item is yours for as long as it serves you! With various ages, these Banana Panda observation puzzles vary from 40, 60, and 204 pieces. The most difficult puzzles are dedicated to first-graders (and they are quite a challenge!). The topics are adjusted to the interests of children of different ages. The more advanced a kid’s age and the most complex their hobby, the more detailed the puzzle illustration becomes.

What is the most distinctive feature of the Observation puzzles series?

Assembling the puzzles is only the first stage of educational play. Each illustration has a frame full of details to look for on the picture. Kids love that! For older kids, the fun of finding details becomes more of a challenge because there are more of them and some details are very cleverly hidden on the picture.
And guess what else? Each puzzle for older children are accompanied by large, double-sided educational posters full of thematic curiosities. They can be a beautiful decoration of a child’s room.

Joy of discovery – learning and fun

At Banana Panda we know that the best way to learn is through play. Children love to assemble puzzles. We know that it is a great opportunity to help them develop skills and deepen their interests, and to serve age-appropriate knowledge. Learning has never been so fun and inspirational!
Puzzles can help develop perceptiveness and manual skills. Observation puzzles additionally trains perceptiveness and concentration. Beautiful illustrations full of details stimulate imagination and interest. Thematic trivia from the posters provide new knowledge and inspire to further exploration.
Each product is a perfect gift idea. In the collection there is certainly a set for everyone!

So far the Banana Panda Observation Puzzle series includes:

– Observation puzzles for toddlers: 40-piece educational puzzles: Garden and Forest

– Observation puzzles for preschoolers: 60-piece educational puzzles with posters: Space and Dinosaurs

– Observation puzzles for firstgraders: 204-piece educational puzzles with a poster: My Body

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