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Support your child’s natural development and skills

We know how important play is for your child’s developments. We create toys that support kids’ development and their growing skills while bringing lots of fun. Moreover, we want parents, siblings and friends to join the games and plays. This is a great opportunity to build and strengthen the unique bond between parents and children in the most enjoyable way. Our toys are well age adjusted with stunning illustrations and a form that is safe and designed for kids of different ages. We teach through play and support the development of various skills and abilities, such as cognitive, motor, emotional, and social development.

What is memory?

The term ‘memory’ actually covers several different types of memory. It is a well researched topic. Among others, scientists identified short-term memory that lasts only seconds or minutes; or long-term memory that can last for a lifetime; or procedural memory – on how things are done. The common knowledge seems true: it is good to have good memory!

To support your child’s memory skills, play. Encourage them to ask questions, sing songs, play with riddles. Assemble puzzles, draw and color. Some up with pretend play. And, obviously, play with memory match games!

Play classic memory game or discover new ideas

Who does not know the classic memo game? Playing memory games with kids help them improve their memory, attention, and concentration skills. It is also great to learn how to follow the rules and deal with emotions that occur while playing against one another. Memory is a great idea for a first game but you can use the cards in so many different creative ways! For instance, you can play with even younger children. Use smaller amounts of cards or look for the same illustrations while they are uncovered. Use them to talk about animals, vehicles, the sounds they make. Moreover, this classic game grows with children and there is no age limit to play it! The large size allows little children to train more than just cognitive skills: it is great to come up with ideas that support large motor skills and require running or jumping. We came up with some fun ideas and collected them in the parental guides that are included in our sets. However, we are sure they are just a fraction of ideas and you can come up with so many more! The grand rule is: play together and have a great time!

Banana Panda Memory match for kids

Discover our range of great memory matching games for toddlers and older children with their favourite themes. Every large box with a sturdy handle contains 24 jumbo pieces that are made of high-quality, thick cardboard and are perfect for little hands, and a guide for parents full of play ideas. The elements work perfectly as flash cards for teaching first words. The game is excellent for training memory, concentration and cognitive thinking and other educational activities. Choose your favourite topic and indulge in creative fun!

  • Suuuper Size Memory Game Farm Animals.This is the classic theme for children – they simply love animals! The smiley bunch is here to play with you and help you train your skills and learn. 
  • Suuuper Size Memory Game Wild Animals. Or come up to meet the wild animals! Do not worry, they are friendly and ready to play. Learn their names and discover where they live and what their habits are. Or try to pretend you are one of them. Which one will you choose first?
  • Suuuper Size Memory Game Vehicles. Colorful vehicles are ready to roll! Match the busy vehicles, name them, talk about colors and the works they do and imitate their sounds.
  • Now you can also play Memory while on the go. Discover our new travel size collection of educational toys and games!
  • Do you know that you can also train memory with other toys such as puzzles? Assembling the pieces also support perceptiveness and concentration. WIth our Mix and Match selection you can play and use the round pieces as memory elements – look for the right one among circles with illustrations facing down. Or play with riddles… or figures form Figure It Out puzzles… the possibilities are endless!

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