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What is perception?

Perceptual development is the ability to gain, understand and learn to react appropriately to various sensory and motor experiences. To put it simply, perception is the ability to hear or see and process and understand the information that is available through human senses and learn how to deal with them. In our world we may not think of danger but the truth is the brain needs to learn the signs of situations that can be potentially dangerous or, on the other hand, beneficial, but they are still a vital part of a child’s development.

How to improve perceptual skills?

To see does not always mean to understand. Human brains need to learn to understand the stimuli from their senses. With time, children learn to interpret what they see, hear or touch and what it means. Moreover, they also learn to act accordingly. For example, on a drawing a circle nac be either a sun or a wheel of a car. We learn to associate the right meaning of such symbols. Parents and caregivers are the best guides to interpret the world around and teach children to understand what different sounds or visual stimuli mean. The good thing is that with the right toys you can have so much fun and will not even notice that you are actually training some crucial skills. How to support perception? Play! Puzzles, books and drawing are great to train visual perception. To support hearing, read a lot and play to imitate sounds. Moreover, develop the touch by simply playing with objects of various texture.

Perception puzzles for kids form Banana Panda

Check out our perception puzzles for toddlers and older children:

    • Our mix and match puzzles are great when you teach your child to understand the context of a situation and different meaning of objects. Matching round elements is a great excercise for little hands. However, it takes more effort to understand the meaning of the drawings and matching them correctly to make sense. Check out our puzzles such as Match the Baby or Match the Buddies, and Suuuper Size Puzzle Farm Match Fun.
    • Suuuper Size Memory Games are great to train memory but also visual stimulation. Our large elements are perfect for various educational activities. You can play with even younger children and spot the same animals or focus on looking for similarities and differences between them.
    • Observation Puzzle are great to support visual perception. Looking for details is also an exceptional fun!
    • Drawing is always a good exercise that has many benefits. Connecting the dots or drawing the objects is a great perception training. Check out our booklets from the Let’s Write and Wipe collection and have fun with solving various tasks.
    • To train hearing perception, play with sounds! CHeck out our books perfect for little ones: Sounds All Around or Tak a Look Picture Books. Hearing and reproducing the sounds is the first stet that will eventually lead to speaking. Children need to learn to associate certain sounds with the right meaning.

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