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Let’s play and learn with puzzles!

Let’s go on a learning adventure! At Banana Panda we know how important the role of play is for children’s development and how to make it as much fun as possible. Assembling puzzles help develop motor skills, spatial imagination and visual perception. Our durable puzzles are made of certified and safe high-quality, thick cardboard. They come in boxes with a practical handle that make a great gift.

Banana Panda Shapes puzzles for kids

Children begin to notice various shapes and figures at an early age. See our amazing collection of shapes puzzles for toddlers and older kids that let young explorers learn about shapes, colors and new words:

  • First Shapes Circles and Squares & Triangles for ages 1 + are perfect as first puzzles. These educational sets consist of 8 2-piece puzzles and are perfect for little hands. Every match motivates children to continue a fascinating journey of discovery. The toy expands on the concept of sorting toys thanks to colorful illustrations – children learn to match the pieces that actually make sense but every match is a great success. Moreover, round pieces are interchangeable. Bright and colorful, educational puzzles help toddlers understand and learn first shapes.
  • Educational fun with round elements that can be mixed and matched continues throughout the series of Suuupersize Match Puzzles and Make-a-Match series.
  • Make-a-Match Fire Truck and Food Truck for ages 2+ are 23-piece educational floor puzzles that engage children in two steps of creative fun. First, kids form a large (over 3 feet long) vehicle from 12 jumbo pieces. Then they are to put 11 various elements of different shapes or colors by placing them into the right places. Moreover, round pieces can be mixed and matched freely for more creative fun! Playing with these puzzles let children learn to discover new words, develop their imagination and fine motor skills, and distinguish between various shapes and colors.
  • Kids Academy Shapes is a creative set consisting of two coloring books and educational puzzles and it is all about learning shapes. Simple, age-adapted illustrations with a colorful background thick lines encourage children to color freely. Puzzle play is another step of educational play. Both puzzles and coloring books enable training motor skills, observation and perceptiveness, and learning new words.


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