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Solar system puzzles



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From dreams to galactic travels – Solar System puzzles for kids

Who didn’t dream about being an astronaut when they were a child? About landing on the moon, Mars, or traveling in a space rocket? Apollo’s missions of the 1960s,  inspired us all to pursue our own landing on the Silver Globe! Today’s times, commercial flight crews are crossing the boundaries of space. You could say that we are only one step away from space tourism! For those who are already planning interplanetary travel with children simply curious about the universe, we have created a collection of Solar System space puzzles for toddlers and older kids ready to explore!

Banana Panda created Space toys for toddlers!

Figure it out Puzzle Space is perfect for the youngest space explorers. This set contains a 20-pieces jigsaw puzzle, 8 large cardboard figures for play scenarios. The puzzle presents the planets of the Solar System. Put them together and pretend to be astronauts or passengers of unidentified flying objects! Whatever your little one’s mind desires! You will find that our puzzles with space are also an opportunity to learn colors, exercise facial, tongue and large motor skills. 

Space puzzles for preschoolers and pupils

Observation Puzzle Space is an educational set designed for preschoolers. It contains a 60 element puzzle that will inspire children to ask questions and expand their knowledge about the Solar System. Look at the details on the picture frame and find them all in the illustration. There’s more! In the box you will find an educational poster with interesting facts about space. Did you know that the largest meteorite was found in Africa? Weighing nearly the amount of 10 elephants! Jupiter has at least 67 moons and the footprints on the Moon left by Neil Armstrong and other astronauts, which lasts thousands of years. Even more interesting facts can be found on the poster, which can serve as a cosmic addition to your room’s decor.

Another Banana Panda space puzzle was created for older children and is perfect as family puzzles too! Suuuper Size Puzzle Solar System is a huge, floor illustration consisting of 300 elements. Putting them together is quite a challenge! In addition to the impressive size of the puzzle, the set includes a large, double-sided educational poster. On one side there is an illustration of the puzzle, which will help us to put it together, on the other side you will find mega-interesting information about the planets and other celestial bodies, space expeditions and people who contributed to the knowledge of what is beyond our skies!

If Space puzzles for kids are still not enough (we totally understand!), reach for the Long Cosmos Coloring Book. Which are 2 books in the form of harmonic sheets with funny pictures to color and tasks to solve.

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