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High Contrast
Flash Cards

for ages:

6m+, 9m+
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Big baby cards are a unique book.

Spending time together is so important because it is thanks to the caregiver that the baby can safely develop and learn about the world. Big baby cards are a unique book. It is full of simple, colorful illustrations that offer many opportunities to have fun. They attract the eyes and attention of the baby and encourage them to concentrate. The sound prompts from parents or caregivers inspire lots of sound imitation play, which supports hearing and speech development. Most importantly, babies love it! Reading and playing together builds a close bond with little ones. The book can be adapted for use in various ways. Parents can hang individual cards next to a stroller or baby’s cot, create a garland on their own or hang them on a merry-go-round. Thanks to the practical strings included, they can create a traditional booklet from the cards. Further information and other ideas for use can be found in the guide included in the set.

The product box contains a handy 24-page booklet for viewing, fastened with a paper string and a guide for parents that is full of ideas for creative fun.

NOTE: This product is intended as an educational tool to be shown to your baby. It is not a toy to be given to a child.

Playing with these flash-cards:

  • develops listening and speech
  • trains the mouth and tongue
  • teaches the baby first sounds for imitation

Playing with a caregiver:

  • fosters better communication and social development
  • helps baby to learn about the world
  • prepares them to learn speech

The handy, medium-sized box with a practical, sturdy handle makes it a great gift

Set contains:

  • 12 double-sided flashcards tied with a paper rope
  • a guide for parents

Product dimensions:
Each card measures 15.8×15.8 cm/ 6.25×6.25”

Packaging dimensions:

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