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Just what one needs!

What makes the perfect gift for 1-year-olds? There are endless occasions for gift-giving: Christmas, a first birthday, visiting friends. Joy is meant to be shared! Whatever the gift, it should please the child, meet with the approval of the parents (who always have a list of welcome and less attractive gifts), and … the gift-giver […]

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Gifts for four-year-olds

For all occasions or for no occasion at all – we have suggestions for the coolest educational gifts for four-year-olds. Our fun ideas guarantee learning as well as lots of fun and laughter. Let the fun begin! What do preschoolers like to play? Preschoolers are curious about the world and constantly expanding their knowledge (does […]

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Making sense of play

Sensory toys support a child’s development in many areas because they stimulate a variety of senses, especially in very young children. Go beyond toys that make noise or have different textures! Our suggestions for developing the senses through play are adapted to age and, most importantly, guarantee incredible fun. Sensory toys for babies When it […]

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Toys for fun under the sun

Summer is here! What do you associate with summer vacation? Sun, sea, mountains, forests and lakes? An idyllic village or visiting other cities? Sleeping in until noon or active rest? Our common denominator for activities in July and August is carefree fun and spending time with loved ones. We know how to make summer a […]

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