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The best Christmas gift for a child

December means that the holidays are upon us! And Santa Claus will soon be paying a visit to every home to the joy of children everywhere. Are you still wondering what Christmas gifts to choose for the children in your life? The Banana Panda Elves are here to help!

See what the Banana Panda Editorial Team has chosen this year and learn our recipe for the perfect gift, a toy that:

  • brings joy to the child and gift-giver,
  • has high aesthetic value and is safe,
  • is made of certified materials and will serve its user for a long time,
  • is age appropriate,
  • supports a child’s passions, develops their interests and improves their skills,
  • inspires shared play and many happy memories!

Games for children and the whole family!

When can you start playing board games with your children? We say: even before their second birthday! Explore Banana Panda’s creative collection: Suuuper Size Memory Games. Pick your favorite theme and discover that every set is much more than just a memory game! The educational games we have prepared are designed for classic game play (without an upper age limit!), as well as to provide a variety of developmentally-appropriate games for age two and even younger children. The boards can be used, for example … in movement games. We’ve included parent guides for our games with more ideas for all kinds of fun, but we’re sure you’ll have plenty yourself!

Puzzles for creative fun

The Suuuper Size series grows with children! See what we have to offer two-year-olds: Suuuper Size Puzzle Animal Match and Suuuper Size Puzzle Farm Match Fun. Each floor puzzle has circles that can be freely rearranged to make the creative fun last even longer.

Help your child learn colors and shapes with 2 long cars from the Make-a-Match series: Make-a-Match Puzzle Fire Truck and Make-a-Match Puzzle Food Truck!

Suuuper Size Puzzle Alphabet Match and Make-a-Match Number Train create a unique, educational, puzzle set for older children that allows them to learn letters and count up to 10 in an engaging atmosphere of fun. We have added ideas for a variety of developmental games to each of them.

Puzzles that entertain and educate

Suuuper Size Puzzles My Body offers an appealing look at the most important organs and systems of the human body. The pieces of these 6 puzzles are interchangeable, which allows for lots of creative play, and at the same time provide an excellent first anatomy lesson for children. The educational poster included as part of the set is full of age-appropriate information for young explorers.

Children grow and broaden their interests. What else do older kids love: travel, animals, dinosaurs, construction machines? Older children know what they are most interested in. With them in mind and with the aim of arousing their curiosity about the world through play, answering a number of questions and inspiring them to ask their own, we have added recently new titles to the educational Observation Puzzles series.

What in the World and Solar system multi-element floor puzzles invite older children to travel around the world and into outer space. Each picture is packed with details that encourage children to ask questions and seek answers. Each set is perfect as a family puzzle and can be assembled with friends or used as a mat for different play scenarios.

Christmas gifts for babies and one-year-olds

Do you need the perfect Christmas gift for babies and expecting parents? Introducing the High Contrast Baby Pack, which has launched many journeys of discovery through the world of creative and educational fun created by Banana Panda. It inspires other educational games and ideas for spending time together.

Match the Baby Puzzles and Match the Buddies Puzzles are probably favorite first puzzles of one-year-olds! The large, colorful and durable two-piece puzzles contain double-sided circles that are freely interchangeable. For each set we have included guides full of ideas for educational games. Children love them!

Maybe you can … read them together? We know we don’t need to remind you of the beneficial influence of books on the development of children. Most importantly, reading together is an enormously enjoyable way for parents and children to spend time. The Little Explorers Library is a unique set for young readers, containing four picture books with various themes and beautiful illustrations.

If you still don’t know which educational gift to choose, check out the entire Banana Panda range. Search according to the age and interests of your little explorers!

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