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Educational toys for 15 months



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Your baby’s development in the second year of life

A toddler already knows a lot and continues to develop at an impressive rate. Most likely, he or she has already mastered the ability to walk or is about to start doing so. This allows them to explore the world! Toddlers diligently observe and imitate their surroundings. They communicate better, especially with the help of sounds and simple words. This is important for language acquisition. A 15 month old child improves the ability to manipulate objects. He/she enjoys playing with movement, competes for attention, is an excellent observer and imitates adults. He/she is getting better at recognizing objects in pictures and naming them, also using mimetic phrases or words of his/her own invention. Pay attention to the pointing gesture while playing and use the index finger yourself and make sure your child does the same.

What educational toys should I choose for my toddler?

The parent or older sibling is the best guide through the world of educational fun. In the process of proper development and teaching contact with another human being is crucial. It is the caregiver who points out and names objects, shows how to play and tells about the world. We offer you safe and natural paper and cardboard toys, puzzles and books. Their illustrations and form was adjusted to the developing competence of the toddler. Colorful and simple illustrations attract children. They reach for them eagerly and are inspired to play. For adults they are a great pretext and inspiration for passing on knowledge and experience.

Our first simple games, puzzles and books cover topics familiar to toddlers from their immediate surroundings. While playing, children train perceptiveness, categorization skills and logical thinking. They learn a variety of new words on topics that interest them such as wild and domestic animals, colors, shapes, or vehicles. They improve their grip and fine motor skills. Inspiring games develop large motor skills and balance. Each play is a great opportunity to spend time together which builds a unique bond with the child and inspires it to explore the world under your watchful eye.

First puzzles and educational sets from Banana Panda

What kind of educational toys for a 15-month-old child do we offer? There is a vast selection of colorful books, first puzzles and simple games. Each product inspires a variety of educational games.

  • Educational picture books from our Little Explorers Library. The set contains four extra-long accordion books that allow young explorers to discover the world around them and learn first words.
  • Sounds All Around Vehicles and Animals are fun flash cards on a ring. Funny and bright illustrations attract the attention of the toddler, and inspire to name objects and animals and to play imitating sounds, which are a great speech exercise.
  • Take-a-look Picture Book My Day encourages children aged 15 months and up to explore the world, learn new words, train to speak and point. 12 large, double-sided cards on a practical ring present well-known objects and events happening every day.
  • First two-piece puzzles. Discover our collection of simple puzzles that will quickly conquer the hearts & hands of your toddler. Educational play of matching circles, shapes or first attempts to assemble 2 elements is a joyful challenge.
  • Older children will be happy to get more difficult puzzles with more elements and more complicated riddles. 

Let’s play together!

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