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Educational flash cards and books for kids – let’s read and play together!

Children love stories, puzzles, coloring and drawing, watching and reading books. This is great news because reading together is not one of the most pleasant ways to spend time together, but it also supports children’s development on many levels.
How to choose the right book for your child? We believe that it is important that educational books for children have content, illustrations and form adjusted to the age and interests of children. We want to make the reading experience as pleasant as possible to both parents and children. Therefore we pay attention to every detail and make sure that the illustrations are beautiful and will be loved by kids and that each book will be a fun way to learn something new about the world! These are various forms of books and booklets for children of all ages in our Banana Panda collection: accordion books, flash cards on a ring, long coloring books, educational sets with puzzles and stickers.

Please note that the right book given to a child at a right time helps improve: fine motor skills, perceptiveness, creativity and logical thinking. Some exercise books are a great way to prepare to learn to write. We offer creative and educational books for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and first graders.

Flash cards and high contrast books for babies

It is never too early to discover the world together!

What kind of educational toys for babies do we offer at Banana Panda? Check out our high contrast books collection. Books and flashcards for infants  have clear, black and white designs. They help improve the infants’ eyesight and foster a special bond between the parent and child.
Hight contrast Baby Pack – this is a set of 2 contrast books, for children aged 3 months + and six months and 7 double-sided cards great to decorate the room or a crib of a newborn. They are great to create a beautiful garland. The Way I See It Educational Flash Cards is another set for babies that makes a great baby shower gift.

High Contrast Flash Cards on a Ring for children aged 0 months and 3 months + are handy and innovative booklets on a wheel. Each has 10 double-sided cards with different levels of detail and additional colors. A practical ring allows you to hang them near the crib or stroller and use individual cards.
For children around 1 year of age, see the colorful flash cards on a ring from the series Sounds All Around and Take-a-Look Picture Book.

Flash cards and books for toddlers and older children

Get to know educational books, thanks to which the phrase “learning through play” acquires a whole new meaning!

Little Explorers’ Library is an educational set of the first picture books for small children. Beautiful, clear and simple images cover the topics that are known and loved by little ones.

Does your child know our educational series of books with riddles? We have a whole collection of books for all ages: from 18 months + to the preschool and school age. Banana Panda riddles have a handy form, beautiful illustrations and the content which allows to check the knowledge and inspires children to acquire new information in a very clever and fun way.

Banana Panda activity sets – let’s draw, write and learn!

Educational sets from Lets’ Write and Wipe and Kids Academy collections are fun educational books that are designed to support manual dexterity as well as logical thinking. The Kids Academy sets are: Colors and Animals for ages 18 months+, Opposites and Ahapes for ages 2+, and Letters and Numbers for ages 3+. The last 2 sets come with stickers. Lets’s write and Wioe is a collection of 4 books (Animals, Vehicles, Numbers and Letters) that come with the special pen. Each educational write-on, wipe-off cards feature 56 pages full of bright and cute images. They are perfect for preschoolers. Choose the right set to learn and, as always with Banana Panda, have a lot of fun!

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