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Animal puzzles



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Educational animals toys – children love them!

At Banana Panda we know the importance of play. It is crucial for children’s development and at the same time it is the best way to teach them something new. We treat our task seriously: we create products that support children’s development in key areas and at the same time bring so much fun. We choose our topics carefully and make sure that each product’s illustrations and form are well adjusted to children’s ages and their growing skills and interests. We listen to teachers and other specialists as well as parents and kids themselves. Therefore our educational products are so loved by little ones and appreciated by adults.
We know for example that children love animals. Therefore you can meet them on many of our puzzles. While putting the puzzles together children can learn about animals. They are also a great inspiration to study new topics such as counting or reading and other educational activities such as drawing!

Banana Panda Animal puzzles for kids

Discover our educational collection of animal puzzles for toddlers and older children!

  • Animal puzzles for toddlers and babies

The face is a strong visual stimuli for the brain and a great attention catcher for little ones. This is why our puzzles and books for youngest children have bright and colorful illustrations of cute animals with various facial expressions. They encourage children to assemble 2-pieces or floor puzzles or play games such as memory. Each activity is an opportunity to talk about and discover new words, animal names and body parts, colors. What is your child’s favorite animal? A smiley ladybug or majestic lion? Striped zebra or a horse from a farm? Check out our Suuupers Size Puzzles and Memory Games for toddlers!

  • Animal puzzles for preschoolers have more detailed illustrations. Our happy animals introduce children to more and more difficult and complex topics, such as alphabet or numbers as well as natural environment and habitats. For instance, we introduce children to animals that can be met in a garden or a forest or on a safari. Prehistoric dinosaurs also make excellent heroes of children’s puzzles.
  • Animal puzzles for firstgraders  get more complex and detailed. It is a great opportunity to inspire children to learn about wildlife and animals of the world and look for further information and facts. See What in the World Young Explorers map puzzles with 168 pieces, perfect for older kids and as a family puzzle!

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