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Let’s learn about the world with children

At Banana Panda we know how important play is for children’s development. It trains various skills and is the best way to teach kids something new. Therefore we create products that support children’s development on all levels and at the same time bring them so much fun.
Our products are designed for children of all ages. We always choose their themes carefully and make sure that each product’s illustrations and form are adjusted to a child’s age and their developing skills and interests. We listen to parents and kids as well as teachers and other specialists. Therefore our educational products are so loved by kids and appreciated by caregivers. We take our chance to teach children about the world and its beauty and inspire them to make their own discoveries. Our animals or world puzzles are a great foundation to further talks about ecology and looking after and saving the planet.

Banana Panda world puzzles for kids

Your child’s first geography or biology lesson can start on the floor in your room! See our collection of world puzzles for toddlers and older children:

  • Puzzles and games for toddlers: play with Animal Bingo and learn about animals and their environments. 6 boards and 24 tokens present animals from around the world and various habitats. It is a great opportunity to waken interest in little ons and show them how diverse the wildlife is. Play and learn about the animals and their surroundings.
  • See our animal puzzles such as Match the Baby, Suuuper Size Memory Games or Puzzles, anad Looong puzzles series. Their cute illustrations with animals from all corners of Earth and different surroundings inspire children to learn about various species and environments. They are also perfect for little globetrotters and travellers.
  • Map puzzles for preschoolers and firstgraders we suggest map puzzles that show the world and its continents and oceans and most interesting facts.  What in the World. Animals Around the Globe is a jigsaw puzzle with continents presented in different colors and most typical animals that live on each of them. The educacional set also comes with 60 puzzles, 21 animal figurines and large poster with animal facts.

What in the World. Young Explorers is a floor jigsaw puzzles that consists of 168 sturdy elements. Assemble the map of the world and learn about its most famous animals, buildings and cultural artefacts.

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