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Fun squared



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Learning through play

Children love to play. This is great news because not only is this their “daily chore” but also the best way to learn new things and train their skills! At Banana Panda we know how to make everyday play a beautiful adventure. Our products are designed for family bonding and immersive independent play for babies, toddlers and growing children. Check out our growing collection of products. They offer various themes and play patterns to provide something for every child from birth through age 7.

Fun squared – educational puzzles and games for children

Our medium-size square and sturdy boxes are packed with ideas for creative fun. You can easily find a perfect present for children of all ages and interests.

  • For ages 0+ High contrast Baby Pack is a perfect gift idea for babyshowers and parents of newborns. It contains 2 contrast books and 7 flash cards as well as a guide for parents. It is never too early to discover the world together!
  • Match the Baby and Match the Buddies Puzzles are award-winning educational sets of 2-piece puzzles. The task is simple: to match a circle to the right board, but all pieces can be mixed and matched. Is a fun way to develop hand-eye coordination and logical thinking as well as learn about animals, their colors and sounds.
  • Hands at Play are sets of puzzles for more advanced children. In a fun way they let them progress with puzzles with more pieces. Check out other multi-piece puzzles such as Figure It Out Puzzles.
  • Let’s Play Animal Bingo is a great concept for a first game for little ones. It grows with children and allow them to play in various ways.

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