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Dinosaurs toys for kids

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Dinosaurs toys for kids

Roar, what is that dinosaur? Watch out, it is the T-Rex!

Probably every preschooler loves dinosaurs. We must admit that the knowledge of many fans of the great prehistoric reptiles is impressive (apparently, only paleontologists know a little bit more about dinosaurs, but we cannot be sure about that). The youngest dino-maniacs love all kinds of toys and gadgets with their favorite animals: bedding with dinosaurs, tableware, clothes, as well as games and toys. We are happy to invite dinosaurs to our Banana Panda store. Dino fans, join the fun!

Dinosaurs jigsaw puzzle from Banana Panda

Playing with puzzles is a great way to develop fine motor skills, perceptiveness, and concentration. Beautiful illustrations with your favorite characters, this allows your little one to absorb this knowledge all while having fun! Banana Panda’s dinosaur themed puzzles for kids starts with the Observational Puzzles Dinosaurs set. It is a must-have item at home for all dino-lovers! Huge, fabulously colorful illustration shows several reptiles. It is full of fun details to search, and the attached poster contains lots of dino trivia. It is a great idea for fantastic fun which additionally stimulates curiosity and teaches! 

We also offer Looong coloring books – I love coloring dinosaurs, full of fascinating graphomotor tasks such as mazes, tracing, coloring. It inspires children who love dinosaurs to reach for crayons and develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, as well as patience.
Banana panda dinosaur toys inspire various creative games. How about linguistic dino tongue twisters? Just naming big reptiles is a great exer