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A trip around the world with kids with map puzzles

At Banana Panda we know how to delight children and engage them in new topics, stimulate their curiosity, interests and intrigue them. All while encouraging them to ask their own questions and teach them something new. Let’s discover the world together and play with map puzzles! They make an excellent gift not only for little travellers, but for all little learners. Our world puzzles are an excellent first lesson in geography, biology and ecology. The knowledge is served, of course, in an age-appropriate manner. Discover how beautiful and fascinating our world is!

Geography puzzle: Banana Panda map puzzles

Kids and toddlers can play with map puzzles! Traveling with a finger on the map is fun, and so is playing with animals or ships on assembled puzzles. See Banana Panda’s growing collection of map puzzles for preschool children & older. They are beautifully illustrated and can teach about the world in a fun way:

What in the World Animals Around the Globe for children aged 4+ is a 60-piece jigsaw puzzle that focuses on what kids love a lot: animals. The educational set comes with a poster full of interesting facts and 21 cardboard animal figurines to make the developing fun last even longer. With this set children learn about the world map, different continents and their characteristic fauna while playing in a variety of ways.

What in the World Young Explorers for children aged 6+ is quite a challenge – it consists of 186 pieces. When assembled, they create a huge floor puzzle which presents the continents, seas and oceans and their most interesting and characteristic inhabitants. It inspires kids to ask questions about geography, biology and history and provides a fantastic background for many games and plays. This is the perfect family puzzle.

Peek-a-boo Riddles for children aged 5+ is a great addition for every child interested in the world and its wonders. They take you on a journey around the world in 80 pages: in the booklet you will find 72 riddles and interesting facts about places, objects, people and characteristic animals from all continents. It is a perfect supplement to playing with map puzzles.

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