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Planet earth puzzles



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Planet Earth puzzles for toddlers and older kids

Our beautiful planet Earth is an amazing place full of wonders. It is never too early to start discovering them together with your child. At Banana Panda we know how to awaken the youngests’ curiosity and teach them in the most fun way. So let’s take the kids on a journey around the world to show them the beauty of our planet! All while introducing them to fascinating animals, interesting plants, and different places. Let’s discover the planet Earth and meet its inhabitants together!

The whole world for small children

How should you teach a one or two year old about the world? The concept of maps and continents is too abstract for younger children, and multi-piece map puzzles too difficult. Instead, you can choose simple games and puzzles that will introduce children to their favorite animals while engaging them in age-appropriate play. Animal puzzles or games are the perfect way to go! After all, animals are loved by children and can be a great inspiration to learn about colors, shapes, sounds and many more topics!

Banana Panda world puzzles for kids curious about the planet

Match the Baby and Match the Buddies are the perfect first puzzle ideas and also make a great present for a first birthday. Each set contains 12 sturdy 2-piece puzzles with cute animals. The idea is to mix and match round pieces – which fits in every puzzle. These play ideas are a great opportunity to talk about animals, their colors, sounds, behaviors, where they live and what they do! This is always an enjoyable topic for toddlers!

Let’s Play Animal Bingo is the first simple game and puzzle that inspires conversations about animals and the environments they live in. Children can see different habitats and already start spotting the differences and similarities, encouraging them to ask for more information. 

Suuuper Size Puzzle Animal Match is the perfect first multi-piece puzzle for the youngest. It consists of 24 traditional puzzles and 10 wheels that can be rearranged as you like. It inspires kids to get to know animals from different parts of the world, to talk about who lives where, can fly, swim and so on. It is a perfect first lesson of nature and the animals from all around the globe!

Map puzzles are the perfect choice for older kids! These puzzles  teach about the animals but in a way adjusted to the age of younger explorers! Moreover, they show the map of the world and therefore inspire children to learn about the continents, oceans and seas. Check out What in the World Animals Around the Globe for children aged 4+ and a more challenging version, What in the World Young Explorers for children aged 6+.

How about the planet Earth from space? See a selection of space puzzles for toddlers and older kids. Figure it Out Puzzles Space for ages 2+, Observation Puzzles Space and Suuuper Size Puzzle Solar System are various types of jigsaw puzzles for different age groups that help learn about the planet Earth and its neighboring planets and objects.

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