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Wild animals puzzles



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Let’s play and learn with wild animals puzzles for kids

We know how important play is for children and their development. It is also the best way to gain new knowledge, develop and acquire new skills. Banana Panda has lots of bright ideas for curious minds. We know what children like and we follow their interests. Also, our product forms are adjusted to kids’ ages and their growing abilities. Our products inspire them to play, all while training cognitive skills (such as perception, memory, and creative thinking), fine/gross motor skills, speech and senses. And we do it in a way that allows lots of creative fun!

Toddlers love animals! Because of that, we at Banana Panda have created a whole collection of puzzles, games, and books full of wild animals that are loved by children and inspire them to play. Animals are the perfect inspiration for various educational activities, such as learning new words, sports, study topics such as counting, writing, reading and drawing! See how much fun your child has while playing with Banana Panda Wild Animals!

Banana Panda collection of wild animals puzzles and games for toddlers

Check out Banana Panda’s selection of wild animals puzzles and games for toddlers and older children.Remember, these puzzles grow with your child. Even if the suggested name says “for ages 2+”, it is just the beginning – older children and even adults – you can never be too old for educational fun! Wild animals puzzles for toddlers include:

Suuuper Size Puzzle Alphabet Match – Hey! Check this out! These wild animals can help your kid learn all the letters of the alphabet! This amazing floor jigsaw puzzle has 50 elements, including 26 interchangeable circles with letters. That opens your little one to a lot of educational fun.

Looong puzzles Ocean and Safari. These super long puzzles allow children to train their perceptiveness and motor skills while discovering various wild animals such as elephants, lions, whales and octopus in their natural habitats.

Suuuper Size Puzzle Animal Match is a jumbo floor puzzle perfect for all toddlers! It has everything they love: cute wild animals from around the world and interchangeable round pieces that will open your little one to endless fun! While learning about animals and their habitats. Map puzzles are a perfect educational gift for older children.

Suuuper Size Memory Game Wild Animals is one of our bestselling memory games. The set contains 24 jumbo pieces with happy animals that can be found in various places of the wild! The set also includes a guide for parents full of ideas of educational fun. Memory games are perfect for learning about animals, their habitats, sounds, colors or sounds while training your child’s concentration & memory. Also, check out the pocket-size version of the game: 

On-the-Go Memory Game Wild Animals is a travel-friendly version of our Suuuper Size Memory Game. The set contains 30 round-shaped pieces, and is just perfect for on-the-go fun!

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