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Educational Gifts for Children: Top Editor Picks – Vacation Edition

Summer, sun and vacation – let’s have fun and inspire each other! If you’re planning to go on a family vacation or to a birthday party, check out our ideas for creative gifts for girls and boys of all ages. Here is our selection of puzzles for sizzling summer fun.

Fun for One

Match the Baby and Buddies Puzzles from Banana Panda are perfect first puzzles for toddlers and make great educational gifts for one-year-olds who are curious about the world. Children very quickly discover how to match the circles to the boards with animals. Mixing and matching ensures endless fun. You can easily adjust the level of difficulty to your child’s developing skills and gradually improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, imitate sounds, learn new words, colors, and even use puzzles for various movement games. Adorable animals are a favorite theme in children’s games. Summer is the best time to meet at least some of them up close and personal – look for snails, ladybugs, frogs and butterflies in your garden, or a nearby forest or meadow.

Creative Clues for Twos

Creative gift for a two-years-old? What should you buy for a little girl or boy who is ready for new challenges and more advanced puzzle fun? Mix and Match Puzzles grow with your children! Check out the Make-a-Match Puzzle Food Truck for delicious summer fun! This set includes 12 traditional pieces for assembling a food truck measuring 38 inches in length, as well as 11 colorful pieces of various shapes for matching with the right holes. How about a family trip to the farm? Suuuper Size Puzzle Farm Match Fun has everything children like best: cute animals, a huge tractor, and fun circles that can be inserted freely. Children love to play creatively with mix and match puzzles. Our sets offer plenty of ideas for educational games – we’re sure that every child will find their own recipe for fun.

Original Presents for Preschoolers

When it comes to preschoolers, we recommend the Observation Puzzles series. These more advanced puzzles feature frames full of details to find. There are a range of topics to choose from, depending on your child’s interests. For the summer season, our number one pick is the Observation Puzzle Garden! Find out what farming is all about, where fruits and vegetables grow and what kind of living creatures make their homes where our food grows. Fans of big reptiles will enjoy our Observation Puzzle Dinosaurs, especially after a trip to the dinosaur museum or excavation games (which we highly recommend!). Summer is the perfect time to ponder the wonders of space on a carpet of soft green grass. Observation Puzzle Space can inspire your child to discover the Solar System and become a true space explorer.

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