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Educational toys for dinosaur fans

Grrr, roar! Children love dinosaurs! And rightly so! This exceptionally rich subject and the diversity of prehistoric reptiles can inspire hours of educational fun. Explore Banana Panda’s growing collection of educational toys featuring dinosaurs and get rrready for fun! Dinosaur puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers Observation Puzzle Dinosaurs is a must-have product and the perfect […]

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STEM toys for children

Does STEM sound familiar? If you are a parent or interested in child development, you’ve most likely heard of or will soon come across the concept, which for good reason is becoming more and more popular. And rightly so! Behind the concept are lots of ideas for involving and developmental play that are worth looking […]

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Toying with colors

Children absorb knowledge about the world around them with all of their senses. And as it happens, they are surrounded by color. Color perception is a very important skill! Even small children want and can learn to distinguish and name colors. The best part is that learning colors can be so much fun! Seeing color […]

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blog cover photo jumbo floor puzzle My body for toddlers

All about bodies

At Banana Panda, we know all about the joy of discovery! We serve up age-appropriate knowledge within books, games and puzzles that inspire great fun because we know that this is the most effective and pleasant way to learn. Today, we want to present a topic that is both important to and fascinating for children: […]

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Memory training fun for children

A baby’s brain is already developing in the mother’s womb, and this process continues for many years after birth. Scientists have identified several types of memory functions. One is to remember and properly process information that reaches the brain. Good memory will pay off in the future (and not only in school!), so it makes […]

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The best Christmas gift for a child

December means that the holidays are upon us! And Santa Claus will soon be paying a visit to every home to the joy of children everywhere. Are you still wondering what Christmas gifts to choose for the children in your life? The Banana Panda Elves are here to help! See what the Banana Panda Editorial […]

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Just what one needs!

What makes the perfect gift for 1-year-olds? There are endless occasions for gift-giving: Christmas, a first birthday, visiting friends. Joy is meant to be shared! Whatever the gift, it should please the child, meet with the approval of the parents (who always have a list of welcome and less attractive gifts), and … the gift-giver […]

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Fun fall ideas for children

Autumn is here! As the days grow shorter and colder, and play moves slowly but surely back indoors, it’s time to fall into a new routine and activities that are more adapted to the calm of home (though you might agree with us that life with children is rarely anything but calm). We have some […]

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Gifts for four-year-olds

For all occasions or for no occasion at all – we have suggestions for the coolest educational gifts for four-year-olds. Our fun ideas guarantee learning as well as lots of fun and laughter. Let the fun begin! What do preschoolers like to play? Preschoolers are curious about the world and constantly expanding their knowledge (does […]

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blog cover photo gift ideas for three-year-olds observation puzzle

Gift ideas for a three-year-old

Are you looking for a perfect gift idea for a three-year-old? We have tons of them! Our recipe for having fun with a 3-year-old is simple: do what you enjoy most, leave the screens off, and whatever you do – do it together. At the same time, you can improve your child’s existing skills and […]

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