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Introducing Banana Panda riddles

Little children are like sponges, always asking questions and full of curiosity… That’s why one of their favorite activities is figuring out riddles! Play together and make unforgettable memories while satis-fying your child’s natural curiosity about the world. The My First Riddles and Peek-a-boo Riddles collections combine fun and education with information that is varied and adapted to the age and interests of your child.

Discover the world together

My First Riddles for the youngest learners (18m+ and 2+) feature simple questions and are full of humor and appealing illustrations. They cover topics that interest children most at this stage of life, introducing new words and reinforcing existing knowledge in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Cards with questions and answers are bound using a convenient ring.

My First Riddles 18m+ - first riddles for toddlers

As your child grows, the questions need to be more challenging. Peek-a-boo Riddles is a series for older children. Each booklet contains 38 riddles presented in a unique format. Every question takes the form of a short rhyming poem, and fragments of the illustrated answer are visible through special holes. For younger children, these fragments are a hint, while for older children they seem like a fun-ny trick!

Riddles for 3-year-olds provide information about animals and concepts from a child’s daily life, 4-year-olds receive a wealth of knowledge about nature and its exploration, while 5-year-olds embark on an intriguing journey around the world (see for yourselves: each answer reveals the next part of your trip around the globe!). Moreover, riddles for older children are accompanied by additional facts or tasks on each subject.

Each booklet is colorful and full of inspiring illustrations, which makes it an excellent picture book. It also represents an interesting tool for learning new words, consolidating existing knowledge or dis-covering something new, and encourages children to explore topics on their own. Thanks to their handy format, you can take these riddles wherever you go – whether you are out for a walk or travel-ing.

Your own ideas for creative fun

There are endless ways to play with these riddles:

  • read the existing riddles or invent your own,
  • talk about what you see in the illustrations,
  • switch roles with your child as you play,
  • search for more information in other books…

What recipe for fun will you cook up?

Check out Banana Panda riddles collection here >>

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