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Learning and educational toys and games for children

Do you know the importance of play in a child’s development? Learning through play is the most beneficial. Puzzles, books and games are great to spend time together. At Banana Panda we follow childrens’ natural development and support their growing skills at the right time. Have fun and get the thrill of learning something new! Perception, motor skills, concentration, memory, STEM skills, learning about the world, new words, animals, space, dinosaurs, trains, numbers or alphabet… the right toy encourages the child to play and the learning follows. At Banana Panda we create educational toys that are great at home but also in kindergartens – it is always great to share some fun with friends.

Large puzzles and games for younger children

We make sure that all our toys are made of safe and certified materials and are all well age adjusted. The themes are chosen carefully and beautiful illustrations with the right amount of details encourage children to play. The pieces for younger kids are sturdy and durable. Due to their size they are perfect for little hands that only started to train their grip. Little children play with their whole bodies – are unable to sit still in one place for a longer period of time. What can be demanding for caregivers is a part of children’s natural development. We know that and take advantage of it: our jumbo puzzles and games make children walk, jump, crawl and therefore are perfect for training their large motor skills as well as manual dexterity. Their big size makes them perfect for group activities and inspires children and adults to come up with new ideas to play.

Banana Panda Large Games collection

Check out our large games collection. With those toys children can simply enjoy playing whilst learning at the same time!

  • Suuuper Size Memory Games are perfect to train memory but the classic memo game is only one possibility to use the large sturdy elements with stunning illustrations. They allow children and parents or preschool groups to play in various ways and train multiple skills. Choose the topic you like best and enjoy! Extra-large, jumbo pieces are made of high-quality, thick cardboard. They are excellent as flash cards for teaching first words or colors.
  • Let’s Play Animal Bingo comes in a smaller box but inside you will find 6 large boards and 24 big tokens. Thanks to vibrant, colorful illustrations and simple rules, Animal Bingo is perfect as a first game and fun for the whole family.
  • Suuuper Size puzzles is a growing collection of bright and colorful puzzles for children of all ages. They are perfect for group activities as well as playing on one’s own. Choose the topic and number of pieces, invite siblings or friends and have as much fun as possible while! Some puzzles come with interchangeable pieces and are great for creative play. They all allow children to come up with their own ideas on how to play and use the assembled pieces.

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