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Educational vehicle toys – children love them!

At Banana Panda we know the importance of play for children’s development. We also know it is the best way to teach kids something new. So we create products that support children’s development in multiple areas and bring lots of fun. We know what children really like and we make sure that each product’s illustrations and form are adapted to children’s ages and their developing skills and interests. Moreover, we listen to teachers and other specialists, caregivers, parents and kids themselves. In the effect, our educational products are so loved by children and appreciated by adults.
We know for example that children simopoly love vehicles. This is why we feature them on so many of our puzzles. While putting the puzzles together children can learn about vehicles and machines, their colors, sounds, purposes. Vehicle illustrations also inspire kids to study new topics such as counting or reading and engage in other activities such as drawing!

Banana Panda Vehicle puzzles for kids

Discover our educational collection of vehicle puzzles for toddlers and older children!

  • Vehicle puzzles for toddlers and babies

Big bright machines are what little ones love and want to discover. Our puzzles and flash cards for youngest children have bright and colorful illustrations of colorful vehicles. Some encourage children to assemble 2-pieces or play memory games. Each activity is an opportunity to talk about and discover new words and sounds which prepares for speech – check out the book on a ring Sounds All Around. Hands at Play Vehicles is a set of progressive puzzles that allow children to train their hands and perceptiveness.

Make-a-Match Fire Truck and Food Truck bring vehicle puzzles to a new level! After assembling a big truck the task is to match pieces of various shapes and colors into the right puzzles.

  • Vehicle puzzles for preschoolers have more detailed illustrations. Visit our construction site and get to know about building machines. Learn to count with Make-a-Match Number Train with interchangeable pieces. Are you ready to discover space machines? Check put Observation Puzzles Space!
  • Vehical puzzles for firstgraders  are more complex and detailed. It is a great opportunity to inspire children to learn about technology and engineering. Check out our exceptional set Mix and Match Trains – you can create your own trains however you wish!

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