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What is memory?

To put it simply, memory is the ability to store and retrieve information. Memory development is a lifelong process. Scientists differentiate various types of memory: short-term memory, working memory, long-term memory and autobiographical memory. It is safe to assume that the better the memory, the easier it is for its user – good memory is usually very beneficial. There are ways to improve and boost memory. Little children can train their memory by playing and engaging in educational activities.

How to improve memory?

Sometimes parents wonder if their child is forgetful due to their natural development or is it a symptom of something more serious? Make sure to take care for your child’s daily routine and nutritious meals. Take care of their right amount of sleep and rest. Play sports and other activities – play is a crucial part of children’s natural and healthy development. Thankfully, it is such a pleasant task! Choose safe toys that are well adjusted to your child’s age and hobbies to help develop their natural skills, including memory. Reading books, assembling puzzles, drawing and coloring are all great activities that allow you to spend valuable time together and train various skills and abilities, including memory. ProTip: Remember to clean after your play and put the puzzles away. It is another memory exercise and also this way you teach your child to keep their room clean.

Memory puzzles for kids form Banana Panda

Check out our memory puzzles for toddlers and older children. Remember… our Suuuper Size Memory Games are great to play and train memory! Please note that various games, books and puzzles allow you to play in many creative ways.

  • Check out our collection of Suuuper Size Memory games and choose the topic that suits your interests best: Farm Animals, Wild Animals or Vehicles! These games grow with your children and are perfect for playing with siblings or parents. They are also great in kindergartens. Moreover, our large elements are perfect for different educational activities that can be easily adjusted to children’s age and abilities. You can use the cards to spot the same animals, look for similarities and differences between them. You can even train gross motor skills – large pieces are great to come up with various exercises such as jumping, running around, walking or crawling.


  • Various puzzles can be used to train memory too. For obvious reasons you need to train your visual perception and memory when assembling more and more detailed and complicated puzzles. 


  • Remember to get creative! You can use simple 2-piece puzzles for memory training. you can play with puzzle pieces like with memory cards – trying to look for matching pieces among the group of covered elements.The same concept can be applied while playing with our Fire truck, Food Truck or Suuuper Size Puzzle Farm Match Fun.

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