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Games and ideas for a rainy day

Games to weather any storm

Given what often happens outside the window in autumn, we have no choice but to move at least some of our games from the backyard to the house. Fortunately, rainy days with Banana Panda are never boring. We have ideas for great fun no matter what the weather. We’d love to share them with you and hear yours too!

Here comes the fun

As parents ourselves, we enjoy watching the games other families post on Instagram and talk to children and people who work with children on a daily basis, for example, in preschools. So we know that you have fantastic game ideas for your child during inclement weather. Some favorite indoor activities include:

  • Movement games – All you need is a piece of carpet or a large mattress to enjoy crazy fun in a safe and entertaining environment. That’s why we exercise and dance together! Do you know that the guides included with many of our products provide a variety of ideas for movement games that incorporate puzzles and games?
  • Family games – We recommend all kinds of board games, dominoes and memory games. You can play with them in various ways, developing a wide range of skills, all while spending quality family time together.
  • Assembling puzzles – We know that puzzles are a favorite way to have fun during bad weather. All you need to do is select the right theme and number of pieces to make the fun last and last!
  • Artistic games – They foster manual skills, imagination and perceptiveness, as well as calm … just make sure that nothing is damaged when very young children flex their creative muscles.
  • Reading books is definitely a classic activity for spending time together. And it’s no wonder! This is both a fantastic way to learn about the world and … manage boredom!

A shower of creativity

The truth is that these ideas are just a starting point. As always, we encourage you to make up your own creative and unconventional games. When it comes to imagination, children have no limits, and rules exist to be changed – fun is what counts and where the real magic happens. So combine games and experiment. Be inspired and do what you feel like doing together. Here are some other ideas:

  • Use the pictures from the puzzle as inspiration for creating your own.
  • Incorporate not only crayons and paints, but also playdoh or paper balls for coloring projects.
  • Create your own rules using memory game or domino pieces – we are sure that the ideas we suggest in the guides are only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Play dress up – maybe as your favorite puzzle animal? Or create figurines made of paper or playdoh.
  • What comes next? Draw more compartments for the puzzle train, other forest creatures, or your own planets. Build houses using blocks for your favorite figures, or invite animals on tokens from the Let’s Play Animal Bingo game to play.

There are endless ways to play – share your best tips and tricks for fun. In the world of Banana Panda, the sun is always shining.

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